I am going crazy over this!

Ok! So let me just get this straight! I am totally in love with this group, 4Minute!
Mainly because of Hyuna.. Well, the charisma that this woman posses is just unbelievable...
Anywhere she is.. she definitely gets heads turning her way..
Truthfully, I only discovered her back in 2010, when she was promoting her first solo, "Change"..
Yes! That hip thrusting song!
And it is also what led me to dancing back again...

There is  nothing that I don't love about her...Her charisma, her body, her personality and the list goes on and on...For those who don't know who am I talking about... I am going to be a very sharing person and give you some links and pictures..

and this another one of my fav!

Ok, I must not leave out these awesome ones from the group itself...

and for some spice for the eyes...


So~~ back to the topic.... they have finally released a new album! and they have this slaying main track... which is "Crazy"

Of course! Here's the link...

With that expression! How in the world is this not called slaying?!!

I got super hyped up and so many inspirations just came flowing in...I thought to myself, I really, like REALLY NEED to cover this song, even if its just the chorus part..
and why not even throw in some swag make up pictures of myself just to get in the mood...

Here it is...the pictures...

                                  and well, here is the pretty random short dance cover...

4MINUTE - 미쳐(Crazy) Dance Cover by Absolute Yana

Do leave a comment and tell what do you think about it , by it could be about this post, the dancing, the make up, anything actually...?


Appreciation Corner

I would like to thank Tommy Ho, my lovely boyfriend for spending some time with me to get the dance cover done.. and of course I was super shy..since it's the first time dancing in front of him... Oh well..it was still fun..

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