My New Favourite Mary Kay Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick!

Hye there! I'm back again with another beauty product that I fell in love with. The Mary Kay Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick has definitely become one of my must-use when I'm attending functions.

It comes in 8 hues, Bashful You, Rich Truffle, Mauve Moment, Powerful Pink, Always Apricot, Poppy Please, Crushed Berry and Midnight Red. They sure have fancy names right?

Just recently, I got my hands on 4 of these hues - Midnight Red, Crushed Berry, Rich Truffle and the Bashful You.

You want to know what's great about this line of lipstick? It's definitely their advanced "Cushion Matrix Technology"! This technology utilizes ultrafine silica microspheres to embed and retain colour on your lips. If that was a little too scientific for you, basically the technology is meant to make sure that the vibrant colours stay on your lips for longer hours while giving you the cushion-fied effect.

If you are a bit more meticulous on the details, don't worry Mary Kay uses ingredients like sunflower oil and jojoba esters to help keep your lips moist.

Even their product looks elegant, don't you think so?

Let me share with you how do I look like with all 4 colours!

Midnight Red - This is my favourite colour by far! See it looks matte doesn't it? 

Crushed Berry - This is my second favourite! I'm just loving the plum-ish look.

Rich Truffle - For a daily fresh look I would certainly recommend this colour! Despite me being on the tanner side, I do think that I look okay with this lighter colour.

Bashful You - I probably would wear this colour whenever I feel like I want to look cuter. Not on a daily basis though, it's too light for my tanned skin. But I don't look too bad either right?

Overall I like how it feels after wearing it on :

- Doesn't feel dry or tight.
- Definitely pulls of the flawless matte finish.
- So far, it has not stained my teeth. (FYI I have used more than 3 times, all for events)
- It stays on for at least 5 hours for me, this is because I eat a lot and that's the time span in between meals. :P

For your amusement and mine, I have edited a short video clip. Enjoy! (P.S : Please be kind, I am no videographer, but I am trying)

Liking what you have seen so far? Then go ahead and get yourself a colour or two or even the whole range if you are a lipstick addict! Each only costs RM55!

For more info you can contact Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant 03-7711 7500 to purchase or visit for more information.

Or you can visit their other social sites:

Facebook :
Instagram : @MaryKayMySg



  1. The shades looks lovely on you dear; especially the Midnight Red. It's lovely that you enjoy the formulation too.

    1. Thank you dear...btw I super love your blog and your vlogs.. ^^

  2. Love all the shades on you adiq... you just look so gorgeous and flawless

    1. Thank you kak!! hopefully soon can do more make up tutorials..

  3. Looks so pretty in the lipsticks! I love them too

  4. All four shades look amazing. Either you are a good model or they really are awesome. Whatever the case, I do want them for myself!

    1. They are really awesome.. ^^ woohooo go go go...go get them

  5. The Matte Red looks fierce and sexy babe! But all the lips color has their own unique color =D

    1. hehheeh..thanks babe...i was actually surprised that i look ok with the lighter shades..i usually have trouble with them...

  6. I like the Powerful Pink. Times for me to get the Mary Kay Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick now.

  7. Lovely lipstick.. nice range of colours.. great one!

  8. You always look so cute!! Love the lips and your eyeliner is sooooo awesomely cool!

  9. Every colour makes you have different personality ! All the colours are suit you !


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