My Craze For Tote Bag Is Real!!!

Hye there!

Today I will be sharing with you on my thoughts of the trending Tote Bag! If you are like me, a person who carries a lot of stuff in the bag, then tote bag is perfect for you!

I always have this habit of bringing around a spare top or a scarf because:

1.       I  sweat easily, and me no likey sticky sticky
2.       I feel cold easily

And obviously, me being me, I always carry around my Canon M10, hence why I need a big bag to put all these things in.

It’s also really convenient when you are travelling or heading out to the beach. Oh and if you love to shop, having a tote bag comes in really handy!

There are 3 types of the tote bag that I know of, the first is the casual tote bag, which is also my favourite, as you can just grab this bag and quickly head out to the mall or somewhere else. I totally love the simplicity in styles of the tote bag and whenever I need to pump things up I could always opt for a tote bag with a quirky statement.

The 2nd type would be the beach tote bags which are usually large in size and made out of material which are resistant towards tear/break when it comes in contact with sand, water and dirt. But do brace yourself for the aftermath as we are talking about those messy elements.

Obviously, for the luxurious kind of people, there’s also a range of tote bags designed for you! Usually, these bags are made by high-end designers and made with real leather. If you are the kind of person who needs to bring lots of things for a meeting with an important client, then this tote bag would be the next best fashion item that you want to have.

Which one do you prefer? Oh, if you want to go tote bag online shopping, you should do it now to get the best deals!!!



  1. I love bags too. cant have enough of them :D

  2. I love the big one... Hehehe. Can put a lot of thing.. =)

  3. I love the big one... Hehehe. Can put a lot of thing.. =)

  4. I love big casual totes but the totes that I have do not have much compartment. Gonna scout for one real soon! ^^

  5. I love to use Tote Beg when shopping. Easy to put everything in the beg.

  6. Same! All my bags are pretty large haha the only time I carry a small clutch is if I go out at night to dinners and stuff.

  7. mine too! my tote bags are quite large to accommodate my stuffs that I need for the whole day.😊

  8. Mine 2, i also have the craze for Tote Bags. Just perfect to have everything i need in it.

  9. Tote bag is a must when you're in college I believe! I love your taste btw!

  10. I can't have enough of bags and I have them in different sizes. But the ones I use all the time are large ones. I carry the house with me!

  11. I love tote bags too as it is so easy to put things in and out of them without having to worry about clasps or too many pockets!


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