Symphony Maveric Co.- When Elegance Meet Simplicity!

Hye there!

It is just the beginning of the new year and I was already blessed with the opportunity to own a Maveric Co. watch! I really need to start counting my blessings, especially my blog itself. Not only it is a door for me to escape from the real world, it is also a place for me to see and experience new things in life.

You probably know me quite well, by now, to know how much I love minimal designs and Maveric Co. had the perfect watch suited for my taste. They had just released their new collection which is called Symphony.

The Symphony is an ageless timepiece which exhibits elegance and classiness anytime of the day, suitable for any occasion. And the brown genuine Italian leather strap gives that extra boost of style to the silver body.

Think I am exaggerating? Think again. Or probably it's just how I love my possessions to be like.

Beautiful, isn't it? The design is so simple and elegant that I can practically wear it for a jog or to work or even when I am in a long gown. Don't you think so too?

I do have small wrists, which got me worried at first. But after wearing the watch, it fit me really well. Guess who is a happy 'kid' right now? Me! Hahaha

Enough talking, if you feel like Maveric Co. watches and it practically screams your style, then go on ahead and check out their website for more fantastic designs!

Oh here's a 20% discount promo code: Yana20, just for you!

I would suggest you take a look at The Royal and The Black Pearl collection, they are equally beautifully designed.

And you can also check them out at their Facebook page at and their Instagram at

Till the next post, see you!

Absolute Yana



  1. Wootz! the watch really suits you, I like this simple and elegant designs that can fit into any occasions and outfits.

  2. Lovely, simple designs. Genuine leather is very comfortable, too.

  3. nice simple designs are the way to go... i love it... would look into getting one if my budget permits...

  4. Your wristwatch looks gorgeous! Having a little sinilarity with Daniel Wellington, but Maverick looks more sleek.

  5. Lucky you gurl! Very pretty watches. Suit you alot. Love their collection so pretty. Will check it out.

  6. The watch looks simple yet elegant.. suits you well!

  7. I'm a big fan of simple watches with large dials, so I love this. Gonna check them out!

  8. Cool.... love simple watch... i am sure its suitable for both gender...

  9. Have never heard of this brand before but since my watch is kaput I am willing to give this a go. I am so used to wearing a watch that I must have it on my wrist!

  10. It looks huge up close. But it fits on u like a charm! So cool!

  11. The watch is simple and nice. would be nice for Valentine's gift

  12. i think the watch matches your style. simple yet elegant! i would love to have one too!!

  13. Love the simplicity of the watch! I never really own as such watch, looks really pretty on you dear =)

  14. good minimalist watch! love it :)


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