Simbae x Yana : Pet Lovers First Choice

Hye there!

It's been an extremely tiring week with work tasks and prepping a birthday surprise for Chern but all is good as it was a positively fruitful week.

Today, since I am back in action, I would like to share with you on my personal thoughts about Simbae - a pet product brand.

First, let me make a clear statement that my cat(s) were not harmed in the process of the filming however they were really cranky on that day. Due to them acting up (for only God knows what reason), I wasn't able to take pictures and filming the whole process of giving them a shower.

But I did manage to get a short footage of me giving a bath to Blacky. Blacky is a mix Persian cat that is almost 6 years old now. That's roughly around 41 years of human age.

Blacky is generally very shy, hence why he always tries to avoid eye contact with the camera.

Usually, I would place one cat at a time in a large cage to give them a shower, but only for this recording purpose, I had them leashed on with a cat harness.

Okay, enough with the intro, let's get back to Simbae. If you are a frequent visitor to any pet clinic or pet shops, you would have probably noticed Simbae products displayed on shelves as they are many groomers' 1st choice when it comes to pet products.

And only after giving Blacky a bath, I understood why.

You could tell that the product was more organic based since it foamed lesser and it wasn't strongly scented. Even during the bathing process, I could feel Blacky's fur becoming silkier.

Though while shampooing, the scent wasn't that noticeable after Blacky was all dried up, he smelled like he just walked out of the salon. What I was really happy with the product is the fact it didn't cause Blacky to have any irritation or allergic reaction.

If I am not mistaken, he even slept like a baby right after the shower.

You could just imagine how silkier his fur became after I massaged the leave-on conditioner on his body.

Overall, I would say that these products from Simbae are really reliable and I would definitely purchase it once again after it finishes.

Do give it a try and let me know how did your furkid react to the product in the comment box below.

Till the next post, see you!

Absolute Yana



  1. alalala.. cute cat.. wah, sekarang dah ada conditioner sekali ye untuk pakai selepas syampu kucen? terbaik lah.. boleh try nanti.. hehe

  2. I want to buy for my cat too

  3. He's so cute! I've got a cat too she's 8 this year wonder how old she'll be in human years.

  4. haha..thats too cute..a shampoo and conditioner for your pet.. should buy it for my sister.. she loves to bath our cats..

  5. Do they also ship in other countries in Asia? I want this for my cat too.

  6. hehe i have tried that too! this was the first time my puppy never scream while bathing LOL! but then, she stinks up pretty fast as this shampoo does not have a strong scent!

  7. nice shampoo.... if i want to bath my cat, ill ask my mom ... hehee.. my cat really scared with water...

  8. omg! this makes me miss my two cats which i had to giveaway when baby arrived.. huhu

  9. Aww. Your cat is so adorable. I am using this brand as well. I love that it act as a conditioner too.

  10. I'm using a dog shampoo that has no suds at all. Even though I find it really odd and it makes me use more shampoo, I know that it is actually better because it does not have a certain chemical.

  11. This is an organic products that safe for our pet. My friend recommend this to me.

  12. Oh my your cat is adorable.. and I love Simbae products too.. my cat smells great minus having to upset her with a wet shower

  13. I also opt for products with conditioner. So my cat has shiny and soft coat. hehe. Let me try this after I finish mine


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