Unboxing Part 6: Highly Moisturising Hadabisei Face Mask Extra Rich

Hye there!

I am back and on a mission to continue with my unboxing from The Butterfly Project's 4th Birthday Celebration.

Today I will introduce you to the brand Hadabisei which produces excellent and highly moisturising face masks.

These face masks come in a box filled with 5 pieces/sheets which are soaked in 25ml of beauty serum consisting of Hyaluronic Acid and Royal Jelly. - It costs RM48.70. Some might think that it is way to expensive for a mask but if you do a simple calculation you will find out that it isn't that costly and it's actually affordable.

It costs slightly lesser than RM10/sheet while other beauty/hydrating masks that work equally well are at least worth RM3-RM5/sheet more.

The other Butterflies that reviewed this mask were all so hyped up and I clearly understood why. I am going to be very honest and admit that I had absolutely no idea of this brand before and I wasn't expecting it to hydrate my skin the way it did.

Just to prove my point and to basically make this post legit as it can get, I have taken a series of pictures which pretty much shows how my skin looks like before and after using the mask.

Let me just 'warn' you that my face glowed healthily and had the boink-boink effect! Oh, and if you are wondering, yes I had the beauty filter on with my OPPO R9s Plus but the settings were the same for all.

See? I wasn't just making things up was I? But there is one thing that I would like to point out, if you are planning to wear this mask before going out, then I would suggest to not do it.

As it does leave the marks of the textured mask. I'm not sure if I am science-ing this thing well enough or not, but if I am not mistaken due to the texture of the mask, it helps to cling on tightly to the skin which allows the skin to absorb in all the goodness.

So you might want to use this mask only when you have ample amount of time before you go out or at night when you can rest and relax without thinking of anything unnecessary.

Would you try this mask out? Does it bother you that this mask leaves a mark on your skin for awhile? Let me know in the comment box below.

Till the next post, see you!

Absolute Yana


  1. Wow this mask is good and very affordable too, I want to try it too.

  2. Looks good.. I like these masks.. I wanna try!

  3. Good note on not wearing it before going out. Luckily for pointing that out!

  4. Awesome review babe! I'll add this to my facemask list to shop.

  5. I love the mask. Thin and it fit well on my skin. It helps to moisture my skin . Non sticky feeling after the mask session.

  6. I tried this before Raya. It really good for skin moisture.

  7. I don't think I'll be bothered by the mask. They will go off after a while, anyway. Besides, I only have time for masks at night. That is, if I do not fall asleep first.

  8. I didn't hear about this brand before. It looks effective and your skin is glowing.

  9. Can see a big different after you use the mask. I want to get it too.

  10. It sounds like a good moisturizing mask for the skin. I've combo to dry skin so this sounds like a good mask that I might want to try.

  11. I like the way you edit your picture! So nice & cute dear!

  12. I love the texture of the mask! It was really a cooling and moisturizing mask!

  13. I love using hydrating face masks. This one looks like a must-try.

  14. The mask sheet looks thin and smooth as silk, I'm gonna try this myself soon.
    Thanks for the review, I had no idea about this brand either before reading this too.


  15. Wow! Looks good. I want to give this mask a try too. Glad that I read this!

  16. I try the mask also and it fit my face well. leave my skin with moisture.