The Butterfly Project x Yana: My Fave Lip Colour


Welcome back to my blog! Today is another Blog Detox Day in collaboration with The Butterfly Project. I know that 'detoxing' is meant to be a simple way of writing things but I just couldn't help myself to make this post a little extra than usual.

Why? The answer is's because the lip colour that I love the most (now) is my NYX Devil's Food Cake! How do I not pretend to be the devil that I am for this post, right?

I actually got this butter gloss as my Christmas gift like 2 years back and coincidentally I was given the same present again by another aunty just last year. Hahaha

So far in my lip colour collection, this is the darkest shade that I own. Honestly, I really love darker shades but I have absolutely zero clues of the reason why.

My mom doesn't like me wearing darker lip shades though because in her defence she says it makes me look darker. Well, it's true. I am not going to deny that part.

But! I know I can pull off the look flawlessly in pictures since there are Meitu and other beautifying apps. Hahaha

I am actually on the look out for darker lip shades be it glossy or matte and my ultimate goal is to have a black lipstick with me. The downside of this obsession? I don't shop for beauty products that it's going to take awhile to reach my goal.

I'm not sure about you...but I think somehow automatically I feel sexier and womanly when I wear these darker shade lip colours. Maybe it's because I feel that my face and body looks like a high schooler with more natural makeup and at most times it is a disadvantage for me, as people tend to not take me seriously at work.

Every time 'adults' don't realise that I am only a year or two younger than's a curse in a disguise of a blessing, I tell you...Oh well...

On the note of loving all things dark, would you like to see me doing a goth makeup? Do let me know in the comment box below.

Till the next post, see you meow!

Absolute Yana



  1. love your contact lens! You do look like an anime character after makeup. Cosplay suits you! -Joysofyz

  2. I have the same problem as you! But I quite like it when people mistake my younger brother as my elder brother, it gives me a good laugh every time haha.

  3. Hey I like ur lip color! So match on your lip!!

  4. the lipstick color reminds the vampire tv series or movies.... not everyone can pull darker colour of lipsticks, as it will make ur look more fierce ... but you seem still lovely to wear those colour

  5. OMG! You look so mysterious sexy with that color. I prefer red color.

  6. you really pulled off that dark lips! for me, i don't mind if i look darker with that lips, my only concern is how my teeth is showing hahaha somehow whenever i'm with dark lips i can't smile freely with teeth showing

  7. But I personally think this color blend well with your skin. It outshine the whole feature.

  8. Darker or lighter shade, as long as you look good in it, it's fine. Love this new look of yours. Like a vixen!

  9. This reminds me that tomorrow, Lazada PH and NYX offers 50% off on their lippies! Yey I will hunt for this shade :)

  10. I think you always look just breathtaking however you make yourself up....Halloween is coming so Goth is in... Hehehe

  11. loving your lip color!!! I am still searching for a dark shade that I like. ^^

  12. Love the darkest color 😊😊😊😊

  13. You look more sexy with this lip colour

  14. I love wearing bold lipstick too! Don't mind seeing you in Goth Make up though =)


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