Cosplaying Luna And Ada Wong For Comic Fiesta 2017

Did you attend the Comic Fiesta 2017? If you did then you are awesome! Well, if you did not, you are still awesome (but probably for other unknown reasons)!

If you have been keeping up with my recent Youtube videos, you would have seen some of my work in progress as I was doing the vlogs and would be well aware of my plans for last year's cosplay.

So today, I finally managed to sit down, compile the progress and event pictures to share with you.

First of, let me start by admitting that I do not play DOTA2 (or any other versions of DOTA), but my waifuu, Gwen, suggested in the beginning of 2017 to join her group of friends and cosplay one of the heroes from the legendary game.

Since, I did not know about the game as much I would have liked to, and judging that this will be my first ever attempt in recreating a character from a-z, Gwen gave me a few suggestions on which (easy) characters I could pull off.

If I remember correctly, it was Luna, Templar Assassin, Mirana or Crystal Maiden. I just chose what was closest to my name and had more 'connections' with. Just in case you are wondering what sort of connections, well...the fact that she has the moon element which is also my zodiac element and also the fact that I thought of her character would be the 'easiest' for me to pull off.

Initially, we were supposed to start the props making and all by mid year, but us being us...we delayed it till the month of November. Hence, the continuous sleepless nights!

P.S: With strong recommendation, avoid creating your props last minute!

Me being a complete noob at's how I progressed each day for a month till the big event:

I started off my 'string of luck' by making Luna's shield which was basically made out of foam board, paper clay (for the veins of the shield), PVA glue and a whole lot of newspapers. Oh! And of course, paint!

I pretty much used the same method for Luna's weapon but with more layering and a toilet roll for the handle part.

Luna has different sets of gear and appearance but I chose the simplest set which was the only set without a helmet. Pretty simple technique. Cut out all the foam pieces, taped thin wires at the back (to maintain its curved shape), glued them into place, painted the details in and finally attached 2 hair clips at the back to make it easier to place the headpiece onto my wig.

I actually had a lot of fun making Luna's boots. The boots that were used as the base, were a pretty old pair of boots that I have forgotten about. (Thanks to Gwen for reminding that she had kept it with her for a good 3-4 years). It was a little tricky to stick the large foam pieces onto the boot but I would say it turned out pretty well, didn't it?

This has got to be the easiest prop for Luna's Night Grove set. This was done under 30 minutes. (Not including the paint drying time) A long strip of foam cut to fit my waist, added on velcro tapes to secure the belt and lastly painted it to look as close to the original waist belt.

For Luna's shoulder armor, it was pretty straightforward as well, as I just had to cut all the shapes out, and glue them on to the foam base, paint the colours on and finally attaching two buttons on each ends so that it can attach itself to the body suit.

And finally...Luna's body suit itself! Holy moly...painting acrylic on a body suit is never going to be easy! Especially when your hands are like constantly stained by the paints and also if you have shaky hands. I did end up staining the suit both front and back at places which I could not cover or 'correct it', but since in photos you can pretty much 'cheat' your way through...I was quite satisfied with the outcome.

Sadly, though I did put most of my effort for Comic Fiesta 2017 on Luna's costume, I did not manage to take any selfie with it, simply because I was wearing 'double gloves'. It was so hard to text or even hold the was even hard to hold a can of Coke!

I am kinda on the mindset of never ever cosplaying with a 'gloved' character at this moment...but we will see how, in the future.

But, a photographer friend of mine, Clarah, took a clear shot of me in the whole costume and I also made appearance in a Youtube video. Probably, there are more pictures of me in Luna's costume lurking around the if you happen to see 'Luna' do send the link to me.

P.S: My wig was messy already by this point...sorry about that!

Oh shit! Before I forget...I totally need to share with you the awesomeness of my waifuu in her Legion Commander costume!

Waifuu Gwen is on the far right!

So that was my first day of Comic Fiesta...second day of Comic Fiesta, I went as Ada Wong from Resident Evil. This was a collaboration with another cosplayer who goes by the name of Jiro Kazuhiko. 

I actually forgot how did we even planned it, but all I know was he asked randomly on his Facebook status who would like to do a RE cosplay for CF and I remember quickly jumping on the bandwagon. That's basically how, I ended up cosplaying Ada Wong.

To my surprise, one of my posts on my Facebook page, gained (definitely) the most interactions and likes...and as you've guessed, it was the Ada Wong cosplay.

At first, I was worried that I would not be able to pull off her look well, because like duh...she is an actual human character...but hey...judging from the likes, I did a pretty good job, right?

Her outfit is as simple as it gets...I just had to order her iconic red cheongsam and get a gun holster. I already had the short black wig. (Up till the point of cosplaying Ada Wong, I had no idea why I bought the wig in the first place). Jiro helped me to scout for a gun that I could rent, so hence the appearance of the gun.

But everything said and done, I was totally enjoying the second day, simply because I could feel my fingers! And because I could take a lot of selfie with other cosplayers. So, here's a whole bunch of randomness!


This (2017) was the first year that I ever pulled off a 'proper' cosplay, and I must say it had got me addicted to props making. Even though, it was a rush...having to make the props gave me like a 'meditation' session - simply because I was very focused in creating each prop that I didn't even realise the noise and the stress that had piled up in me.

I am definitely going to cosplay again this year! And speaking of which, I am going to share with you my 2018 Cosplan!

So, just the other day I posted up on my personal Facebook account, asking friends on which characters should I cosplay for this year's events. And as the voting goes, I will be doing Black Cat (from Spiderman) and a character or two from Mobile Legends.

Currently, I am torn in between, Layla, Ruby and Eudora. Probably, I should do another voting to help me decide on which Mobile Legends character should I cosplay this year...hmmmm

Share with me your opinions on how can I make my cosplays better and which Mobile Legends character should I do for this Comic Fiesta 2018 in the comment box below. Have an awesome day!


  1. So good job dear must learn from you the hardworking spirit!!

    1. Thank you dear! Well...essentially if you turn all the things you are doing into your hobby sure you will be determined to do it...