Wishing For More Arts And Lights Festival In 2018

Just before 2017 ended, I managed to book a date with Joanne Wee - a beauty blogger, to visit the Arts & Light that was held in Icon City, PJ.

There were a lot of news and advertisements going on about it...so we basically just picked up the buzz and went for it. Of course, there were much hype about it also because all the influencers that went during its first week of launch kept showing it off on their Instagram accounts.

Anyways, we kind of went slightly after the mid-way (period) of the exhibition and on my personal point of view, I was both amazed at some of the spots and baffled at the rest.

Amazed at the amount of people who showed up and also some of the artistic light exhibition, especially in the middle of the park. The lighted flower garden was just so beautiful and one thing for sure is that the fountain lights made the whole scenery even more breathtaking.

However, certain zones and the edges of the exhibition areas were not well maintained, hence the non-functional lights and a little dash of disappointment. Probably, this has more to do with a "Malaysian habit"? - though I wouldn't say everyone is like that...just the bigger ratio of the nation. LOL

Create an amazing idea, execute it some-what perfectly and then doesn't care about maintaining its performance till the very end.

But then again, there will always be that comeback that says "It's free ma...why complain?"

Free doesn't mean a certain thing should loose its quality, you know.

Oh well, I am just going to share the beautiful and positive side of the event...so here are a whole bunch of pictures that were taken during my date night with Joanne:

Hope they will have an even better Arts & Lights festival ready for us this year!

If you know any similar exhibitions going on, please let me know in the comment box below. Stay positive and have an awesome day ahead!

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