The Rusty Steampunk Shoot

Steampunk has been one of the themes that I always wished to model in and finally a couple months back I managed to join in on a shoot hosted by Jess Khoo.

It was definitely a challenging shoot because of the 'complexity' of the makeup and also the gears that had to be worn to complete the look. But thankfully, with Jess's help, most of the gears, props and costume were searched and bought/rented for the convenience of the shoot.

Luckily also, I have been 'enhancing' in my makeup skills that made a difficult makeup do-able. Don't worry, it was actually rather simple...the only hard part was drawing the clock's hands and modelling under the scorching heat.

I didn't do a makeup tutorial for this look, but if you would like me to redo this look do let me know in the comment box below, I will be more than happy to share how the look was created.

For now, allow me to share some of the pictures that were taken during the shoot.

Also, thanks to this photoshoot, I am more confident in cosplaying Layla (Mobile Legends) for this year's Comic Fiesta. I received many compliments from a lot of people that I know and most of them left remarks saying how similar I looked like Layla. Well, it surely is a confidence boost to hear such compliments.

For now, I have my own rendition of ideas for Goddess of Death, Mythical Elf, and Sci-Fi Warrior. So you can look forward for that. Hopefully, I will be able to make these concepts a reality in 2018. Wish me luck, ya! And have a great week ahead!

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