Walking Around Malacca For A Day

If you are planning to visit the historical city of Malacca, then be absolutely assured that you can cover the heart of the city within a day! Never have I ever realised that, till the day I went down to Malacca with a bunch of friends a couple months back.

Oh! We weren't being adventurous or anything like that, but you are more than welcomed to be adventurous. We were actually there to complete an assignment for Gwen (my waifu)...so we kind of took the opportunity to do some sightseeing as well as a quick catch up session.

I was particularly excited for the trip purely because it was my first time driving out of state/ driving a long distance and doing a one day trip. - just to add on the cherry on top of the cake.

So, this was basically like a 'test' to see if I was even capable of driving the distance + time and battling the tiredness/sleepiness that comes along with a whole day of driving. BUT! I am equally surprised and relieved that fatigue or sleepiness was the last thing on my mind because I wasn't feeling any of those. Only when I reached home and took a shower where the heavenly bed had called upon me.

P,S: My next road trip target would be driving up to Genting, Ipoh or Penang.

Anyways...back to the Malacca. Our main goal was to take pictures throughout the trip, so what better way to kick start the 'photography' session than to visit a hipster cafe, Navy Cafe, right in the heart of Jonker Street. Oh, the place and food weren't only Instagrammable...but the meals were delicious too! Must try!

Once we filled our tummies, the 'Walking around Malacca' project begun. Honestly, every corner of Malacca is just...picturesque! Truly grateful that the government is staying true to their heritage, even when certain areas are modernised.

One certainly should not miss out on covering the St. Paul's Church, Jonker Street and Queen Victoria's Fountain.

I would also like to point out that probably because the locals there are much accustomed to tourists, almost everyone is friendly. Which is something that is rare nowadays, especially in Kuala Lumpur.

Like this uncle, who saw us taking pics and decided to join along. Such a jolly man! The world really needs more people like him, that's for sure!

Malaysians are born to be Foodies - there's no point doubting that fact. That being said, of course, there was a pit stop for the famous Durian Cendol in town. Personally, I wouldn't mind queuing for 2-3 more rounds of Durian Pulut Cendol, simply because it is delicious and it is absolutely refreshing.

After recharging ourselves, we continued the walk around Malacca, by covering the Maritime Museum (from the outside) and walking along the straits of Malacca. There are a few bars, restaurants and dessert+herbal places to stop by, so do make sure that you have your eagles to spot them.

As the day was about to end, we walked back to Jonker Street in search of another cafe to have our dinner and we spotted this place, Calanthe Art Cafe. This place certainly brings back a lot of childhood memories thanks to their interior decoration. Just take a look at this place...

Food wise, I would say they could serve better, but it was acceptable to all of our taste buds. F.Y.I I am the least picky or critical when it comes to food.

Naturally, after another heavy meal, we walked around for a little bit and captured the calm night scene of Malacca. Whoops, I didn't mention earlier...we did this road trip on a Wednesday, so Jonker Street was empty...if you are looking forward for the night markets then you should come down on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

And back we (I) drove to Kuala Lumpur. It's probably my good luck or something, we literally went in and out of Malacca without paying any tolls. Why I said probably? Well, winding roads aren't fun! 

I'm not sure if I would get killed for posting these, but I thought it would be an amusing way to end this travel post by sharing pictures of the lovebirds fooling around Malacca. So, here it is...probably you could do this too with your bestfriend or partner.

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