Guess What Came in the Mail Today?

Hey you!
It's been a week since my last post, hasn't it?
Sorry sorry, I had one to many family gatherings due to the CNY celebration...
By the way, according to the chinese calendar, it is everyone's birthday today!
So, Happy Birthday Everyone!


This is what  went down last week, I went on my FB and a friend of mine recommended me to have a look at her online fashion accessories store. So, I thought to myself, " Hey, why not?" ...

Here's the link, if you are curious too : Too Pretty Aksesori Shop

Upon scrolling her albums, this "THING" just caught my eye!
I guess you could say, I was attracted to it because my alter ego would be a gothic person.
And the fact, that I look awesome in black! Well, who doesn't right? LOL

The keypoint here is Gothic! Yes, a Victorian-era looking piece of art! ( accessory )...
I would have to admit that this year, I have moved to the dark side, just a little bit though.
Hence, I have been keeping an eye out for some of these kind of accessories...

Despite being kinda broke, I knew I just had to get it, since it was already there, like just RIGHT THERE! So, I made my order...and as I was securing my order, my friend told me, that it also can be paired with this other "THING"...and then, my heart just went right out the window... Remember that I am already kinda broke, well adding this one more "THING" was going to cost more damage to my already in pain, purse. However! That wasn't stopping me from proceeding with the purchase of both items!

I just told myself, " It's ok, you will find a way to earn back the money later on" <-- This, is an obvious state of denial. LOL

and today, it arrived! Like finally! Well, can't be blamed.. It was the festive holiday so it did take some time to arrive..
So anyways...

(A super thin and compact packaging was received.)

It must be killing you to figure out what did I purchase, isn't it? Since, I kept mentioning about them as "THINGS"... My apologies.. Well, the suspense is over, here it is~~~~

The beautiful Victorian-Gothic necklace/choker


The also very beautiful Victorian-Gothic bracelet

Pretty isn't it? *wink wink*

Well, since I already have these awesome pieces...
Why not, I show you, how I would probably be wearing it?

Note: I used the word "it" is because the bracelet is slightly big for me, well I have really small wrists to begin with so yea.. some alterations is needed for the bracelet piece.


A little dramatic make up, was my choice of weapon ( style ) for today, since it fits well with the theme.


and here is a close up...

It sits perfectly, and also helps to show of a bit of my collar bone....

So, what do you think of it? The accessory ? The make up?
Leave your comment below...

Thank you once again for taking some of your time to read my little world....


Quick Details

Price : RM50
( necklace + bracelet + postage )


Sharing Something Funny

When I received the parcel, I was looking like a mess. ( You would know why with my next post )
But despite the lazy look, while walking back into the house, the delivery man said ,
" Adik muka lawa " = " Little sister face is pretty "

I just burst out laughing, and my 8 cats glared at me!

That really caught me of guard, by "that" I mean, both the reaction of the delivery man and the cats...

Well, I am pretty sure he thinks I have a few screws loose in my head, for laughing like that...Oh, wells, I was still happy to receive that compliment from a stranger..

That's all for today, my next post should be coming up soon ( tomorrow,maybe?)

Stay safe and healthy!

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