Happy Chinese New Year

Here to wish you a Happy Goaty New Year!
Ok, so this is actually a greeting in advanced, the actual date would be on the 19th of February.
Personally, I don't celebrate this occasion, however the beauty of being a Malaysian, would be the fact that everyone ( literally, EVERYONE ) celebrates multiple new year celebrations here in Malaysia.


Every year, it has been a tradition to have the "Cheongsam  Theme" photo shoot session by the local photographer communities, in conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebration.
This year, I managed to grab the chance to attend one of it, which was held in January and along the way, I also managed to pull off a few private sessions.

So~~~ here I am just wanting to share the outcome of those sessions....^^

Photo credit to Chee Chung.
( Somehow, in all the chaos during the photo shoot, I managed to get a picture taken with the organizer/model of this event... Oh! and she goes by the name Orange Ning ) I really love her smile, it almost as if, she is a Colgate Ambassador.

Photo credit to Andrew Yeak.
By far, this right here is my favourite one out of them all! Though it's a little off from the norm, (where by it supposed to be a sweet-looking theme) doing this stance gained a lot of attention, and it probably also has the most likes. And! It also opened up new possibilities for me to do other photo shoot session with themes like "Warrior Princess", "Ninja" and "Samurai"...but then again, I do need to get myself more in shape before executing this kind of shoots.

Photo credit to Steven Ee Kim Cheng
I really like this picture, mainly because it has that sweet-looking-oriental-girl-next-door feel to it. 
I guess, the tint of colour really helped this picture to stand out.

Photo credit to Ha Lee.
This! This picture is actually also one of my favourite ones. How to not like this idea of a painting-like version of myself? (lols) Well, for me at least, I never knew I could pull of this kind feel until the master did his magic.


For my second session, the photographer approached this theme in a high-fashion way.
And the results? It definitely blew me away, as I looked different from the usual.

Photo credit to Jessie Leong.
This picture killed me, when I first saw it... it had nothing for me to not love! The fact that it was empowered by the redness of the background and the flower ( FYI, I LOVE the colour ,RED ), I loved how I stared with the eye-smile, and that slight smile is just...urghhh...I am just left speechless..
Ok ok..so if you are thinking by now that I am self-absorbed kind of person, then well let me tell you that I am not, rather than that, I am quite the opposite of it. 
I criticize myself harshly most of the time, and at sometimes at a point where I make myself cry too.
So, for me to actually love everything about a picture that is taken, is really a big deal for me.

Though strangely, I don't act this way when other people are involve..hurmmm.. I wonder why..
I tend to find myself easily satisfied with the outcome of others...
anyways...back to the pictures...

Photo credit to Jessie Leong
There is just something about this picture that I am very charmed by. I still am not sure of what it is but I just know that I am loving this picture, it could be the way she captured me at that moment... And maybe also the fact that Jessie took the time to incorporate my artwork into this picture, made me feel like my artwork could actually work..( Oh! by the way the artwork I am talking about is the background of this picture, that is actually my own drawing. )


For the last session, it was a night shoot. A totally different approach for this Cheongsam theme, since everyone else was doing it during the day.
The shoot was held at I-City, Shah Alam. A pretty popular place known for its colourful light displays, though I must say, I wasn't too happy about the place since not the whole area was lighted up, therefore cramping us to a corner to shoot. Really hope they do something about their maintenance. Oh wells...

Photo credit to Vince Khoo.

This is another picture that I feel that, I did something right for the photographer to be able to capture this moment. Though, I would like to compare this with his collection, but it is pretty impossible since he hasn't got back to me with the other pictures.
But! Still I did received this picture and I am very thankful for it.. Also, since the main photographer for this session hasn't been able to find the time to run through his collection yet due to work, so I am pretty much short of pictures for this session. 

All in all, I had a great time during all the sessions, and I also got the chance to meet new friends. So, I am a happy person with the beginning of my new year going very smoothly.


The make up and hairstyles for all of these sessions, were personally done by me. Well, I am trying to explore what other talents that I have besides posing for the camera, and so happen that make up and hair styling is my kind of thing as well. So why not multitask a little ?, I would say.

These collection of pictures here, are my top picks for this year's Cheongsam themed shoots. However, there are others that I am very fond of too...If you do want to have a look at it, here's the link 

Tell me, which one are your favourite in the comment box below...


Appreciation Corner

Would personally like to thank every photographer that I have worked with so far. Everyone has been really helpful, kind and hardworking. Honestly, without your support and enthusiasm , I couldn't have made it this far...So, thank you very much.