New Look

Hello there!
Hope you are having a great start for this year...
Well, since this is my first post, I shall briefly introduce myself.

My name is Nur Liyana, for short you can call me Yana. Am a Malaysian of course! A mix breed (lols , blood) of Arabic Indian and Chinese. 
Love to eat! 
Prefer sports over shopping, though owning a few pretty outfits, ain't going to harm anyone. 
A fresh graduate of Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Malaysia, majored in Industrial / Product Design.
On the side, I do some modelling activities, 
and well, I am just trying to get a good kick start in life...


Well, that's that for the intro, now back into the post...^^

Honestly, since I was a kid I loved the idea of having bangs ( hairstyle )...
Purely because, I knew I'd look more exotic with it ( coughs at the self-praise ) . However, I really feel like I have to make some changes! Though, there is a high chance that I might just go back to having bangs, AGAIN! (lols, I am a fool for bangs)...

This is the look that I have been pulling off, for years now...
and well, this time I decided that I should switch it up a little..

and BAMMMM!!

 Now I am rocking this new look..

So, what do you think? Which suits me better?

I know, I know... at the end of the day it's all about preferences...but sometimes spicing things up is just what some people need...Well, I needed it for sure!


I managed to pull off this new look with the help of this friendly lady from Derrick & Team Hairdressing @ The Mines, Sri Kembangan.
I was told to call her "Kak Ayus", and if  it's directly translated, it would mean "Pretty Sister"... Definitely suits her and her sweet smile!

I had my hair done by her for the second time now, and I have no complaints.
She is really sweet and gentle, and she makes sure that you go back home looking fabulous!

She advised me to get my hair treatment done too, as my initial plan was to just get the hair washed and trimmed only, but I knew that my hair was dry, especially at the ends. 
( The harsh truth of having long hair )
So, I didn't hesitate and quickly agreed. 
I definitely love the end result, and I am still loving it!


Quick Details

Procedure : Hair Treatment + Wash + Cut
Price : RM 160.00

Location : L1-12 , The Mines, Sri Kembangan


  1. Nice one. Keep it up. Blogging is fun :)

  2. Thank you..will try my best to keep this blog running...

  3. bangs can make you look younger than actual age, hehehe, seriously u malay? lol I thought you're from another country..haha