First Designer Cafe Experience

Hye! How have you been doing? Hope everything goes smoothly for you this week..

So here's a short post on my mini designer cafe experience.. hope you will like reading it..


Last week, after we have celebrated my dad's 60th birthday, we went over to small designer cafe at The Gardens, called "Delectable".  Usually, I am not really into this kind of scene. However, now, I'd  probably have a different view on cafes like these.

Previously, I found that designer cafes were just a place where people flaunt their wealth, with frequent visits. Well, don't get me wrong but a lot of times, people that I know, do go for cafes like this is for "status"...So, I pretty much didn't like that idea and perception. Plus, I am not a fan of coffee and tea, I am more of a milk person. Bitterness, ain't my game. LOL

But now, I see it in a totally different way. Plainly put, I see it as a way for one to pamper themselves after a hard days work. Why? Well, for starters, the ambient is totally different from the usual "mamak" place. It has a more of a cozy feel to a small space of your own..

The colour scheme here, really gives the warm ambient, which gives the comforting vibe of the place. Well, to me that is...

Secondly, I find that anything that is presented with some sort of art in it, really is to be appreciated.. As a designer myself, I know for a fact that even up to tiniest details, it makes all the difference..and being served a cup of hot chocolate with latte art...just shows that someone has actually put in effort to make me feel better in some tiny way. Not sure, if you can agree with me on this, but this is how I feel about food and beverages served with a sprinkle of art.

It definitely isn't some picaso's work, but art is still art...

and I didn't realise it at first, but this ceramic cup right here, has a face to it, like LITERALLY!

Isn't it super cute? Well, creepy at some point, but totally adorable in my point of view.

Definitely puts a smile on my face! You see! This is exactly why I am falling in love with these designer cafes concept. There's art in almost every corner, from out of the norm frames to detailed cups, even the decoration is different. 

Not forgetting their menu as well, it's freaking hand drawn! Totally adorable! As a person that is surrounded by art, things like these really hits me right on the spot.

OK, so I am getting the idea that these places costs quite a bit, mainly because of the concept that these cafes carry. Some maybe even because of the brand name that they are under, or even the quality of their food and beverages. Therefore, this is pretty much the only thing that is keeping me from going back to this place often. But, I guess once in awhile, wouldn't hurt le purse much. *wink wink*

Since, I only had their hot chocolate, I would say it was a pretty decent drink. The chocolate taste was definitely there, like duhhh right? But hey, there are places which make Milo and it tastes like washed-out Milo. So, like I said, it was a pretty decent hot chocolate drink.

I am still on the look out for more hot chocolate drinks, but till then I guess I will have to go to other designer cafes till I find "the one"...

Till the next post... Do take care and stay positive!


Quick Details

Location : 2nd floor of The Gardens Mall Midvalley City; KL

Do have a look at their website, as they even have custom designed tote bags, tank tops, tees, and they even have baked goods that you can order online.


  1. Greetings from far away (Denmark, EU) - good idea to pamper yourself after a hard days work. Never let yourself get worn out by too much hard work if at all possible. Family is most important.

    1. Hye...thank you for taking some time to read my post.. ^^ Yeap..always reward yourself...and yes! family is first and foremost important...

      Have a good day ^^