New Path in Life...

Hye there! It's been 3 weeks since my last post, hold it, do not get angry at me just yet! I have a perfect reason for it. On the 9th of March 2015, I ventured into a new life path, which is.. *drum rolls*... working as a Graphic Designer in Malaysia Digital Innovation Centre at Limkokwing, Cyberjaya.

Woohooo! Finally I have a proper job!

After 10 days working, I received my own personal name tag! Actually I was told that, one needs to at least wait a month or so to get their card done, but I guess I got lucky. *wink wink*

Every morning, I am greeted by this flight of stairs, that now has become my morning gym sessions...

... and to my own surprise, during my second and third week there, I was already given, considerably a big project, well it's considered as a big project just because there were 200+ certificates to be given out... and boy! I should say it was a hell of a week! Thanks to that project, I have made a special bond with this flight of stairs. I honestly lost count after the 8th time running up and down of Mr.Stairs...


The people here in my department, are super friendly! Ermmm, if I were to simply put it, they are like a one big family, which is a working environment that is very rare nowadays. Even on my first day, I felt very welcomed. Usually there would be that awkwardness, but somehow the environment there just made me blend easily. Even one of my colleague said " You look so comfortable, even for your first week"....

This was the first time going out with them during lunch, was definitely most memorable...

This is the team that I work with now, ok obviously excluding Batman... and yes that small head that you see near Batman's shoulder is one my design senior. Apparently, he does that in a lot of group photos, by which he stands far away. LOLS...Oh! and my boss is missing from this picture as well as another colleague...


Well, working so far has been good, however since the working hours are very long, thus I am totally flat out of energy at night. Also, the main reason why I have been missing from blogging! Honestly, I am still trying my best to adjust my working and sleeping pattern, but I do have a  piece of good news. Would you like to know what is it? Well, I have slowly started to wake up slightly earlier than usual, to make sure I have at least 15-20 minutes of exercise.( Because all of this sitting down the whole day while munching on snacks is getting me out of shape )... and I have decided no matter how tired I am, I am going to try my best to blog on every Friday, just to make sure I don't laze out. Basically, I am just trying to organize myself a bit more, and trying not to slack off at certain areas.

Currently, I am supposed to be working on an art decorative piece, however, that got put on hold because I don't have a shredder to speed up the process. Why a shredder? Well, you will soon find out, since my close friend, Michelle helped me to get the paper shredder machine, I would be able to finish up the project faster. Yeappy!

Definitely need to push myself harder, to be able to balance my work life and my personal life. Right now, I am still trying to work on it. I would so love to hear about your experiences at your first job. Do you have any pointers as well, on the know hows of the working life? If you do, then well, feel free to share it with me and the other readers. I know for sure that I will be very grateful.


Mini Updates!

Since I was so caught up with work, I actually missed out on few updates but do not fret! I am going to update about them right here, right now. ^^

About two weeks back, I received my parcel from my waifuu, Gwen, which contained two of my HTC casings and my cosplay accessories for the character, Ciel of Phantomhive from the anime Black Butler that I was supposed to cosplay during the previous weekend but I couldn't because of work and also other personal matters. *heart breaks*

Oh wells.....anyways...

These are my two prettiest handphone casings that I have ever own! Pretty isn't it?

Though I didn't managed to cosplay for the Animax event at Sunway Pyramid, I still was able to meet my waifuu, Gwen and her cosplay mates and we ended up taking selfies....they are freaking adorable! Just wish I could have put them into my pocket and take them back home...LOLS...

Pretty awesome characters right?? Do you cosplay too?

and as bonus, here are some of my selfies over the weekend. ^^

That's it for now! Till my next update, do take care and have a great week ahead!

Absolute Yana

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