Yana's Self Pampering Time!

Omg!! I got delayed for like 3-4 days for writing up this post,right?
Sincerely, I would like to apologize for it. Had a lot to deal with, and many times had to overcome the same-different obstacles. If you get what I mean...

However! Luckily, I did have my self-pampering time before this craze started, which was on the same day I received the parcel ( previous post )..


So, you might be wondering what got me to do this self-pampering session? Honestly, it was just a random thought and I just connected this random thought to this blog..( One day -  soon, I am definitely going to blog about how and why do I even blog, because the amount of thought put into it is just a bit overwhelming, you would be able to understand this soon enough )

Basically that morning, I woke up earlier than usual, since I am still on my self-given-break-time I usually wake up a little later (almost noon)...
I washed up and tied my hair to make sure that it wouldn't bother me later on and I ended up looking this the whole day!

Yes! This is my bare face without any make up or editing... LOL ( and with this look the delivery man said something funny about it, well at least for me it was funny - relates back to the previous post )


Let's start the self-pampering process...

Firstly, I took my cutie pie, Hanaka Charcoal Pores Reduce Facial Mask, which I purchased probably around the middle of last year from Pebbles & Pauline.

(such a cute tub isn't it? )

 and begun smearing the jelly-like mask on to my face...

Excuse me for the sequence of the pics, I forgot to take a picture of smearing the product on my face first, only realized it after I made the duck-face..Lol

Once, my face was fully covered with generous amount of the "jelly"... I left it on for about 30 minutes.. 

It was really soothing, plus it was already a hot and humid day, so this mask was just like a perfect solution to help me not think about the weather. So, it really felt good! 

30 minutes just flew by, too fast I would say and it was time to remove the jelly off le face...

Easy removal, with the help of Mr.Spatula here. I angled the tip of the spatula with my face, then lightly and gently removing the "jelly" from the surface and with just a few more swipes with the Mr.Spatula, I managed to remove most of it, leaving little portions which then I just had to rinse off.


Next comes, Prince Charming the " Arbutin Essence Mask" which I purchased from the MaskSlim outlet. This place, is like a Facial Mask Heaven! One step into their shop and it would probably just hit you, that you didn't know or realize that there were that many variations of masks..that place never seem to stop amaze me. Well, let's be a bit more sharing and let me give you a few hints on where you can find their stores..

MaskSlim Store Outlets

- SS2, Petaling Jaya
Tropicana City Mall, PJ
Gurney Paragon  Mall, Penang
Paradigm Mall, KJ
Sunway Giza Mall , Kota Damansara
KL Festival City, Setapak
Gateway, KLIA2 
Aeon Metro Prima, Kepong

Can you tell, why did I called this mask Prince Charming? Leave your comment below, would love to hear your answer.

* Before I started with the Hanaka Charcoal Pores Reduce Facial Mask, I actually placed the prince into the fridge. Well, I thought the prince was a little too hot tempered so I decided that he needs to cool down a little... *wink wink*

Pardon me for the reflected image...I tried flipping it, but it looked weird, so I left it this way..LOL

Oh! I guess that isn't the only thing you have to pardon me with, those extra folds too! Haha! I have a relatively small face/head.

OK, so if the Cutie Pie made me feel good, Prince Charming was just sweeping me off my feet with the oh-so-calming scent and the cooling sensation..Perfect Perfection was achieved for that 30 minutes... All I had to do, while enjoying my precious time with Prince, was to lay in bed..... and think of absolutely nothing... Lol! Gotcha there, didn't I?


I felt totally refreshed and re-energized for the whole day, so much so that I ended staying up late... ( ( =__=|||) ( totally beats the purpose of the beautifying the skin...) Oh, wells~~~~

Not sure if you can see the difference, but I did feel TOTALLY REFRESHED after this one-hour of self-pampering...and my pores did close up a little and I do think that my face looks a bit more radiant than before...

Well, that's about it for my self-pampering time ( SP Time).. It was a rather short session though it was sufficient, I guess. I have never not enjoyed my Me-Time... and it only takes an hour! Not too much to ask for, I would say.


You too, should give yourself a little time out! For all those effort that you have put into your work, you deserve this self-pampering time too!  ( If, you don't want to / can't go to a spa, that is )...


Do let me know if you also had or planning to have a SP Time of your own, would love to know how did it go in the comment box below...

Thank you for your time... ^^
Till the next post, see you soon! and have a good day!

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