Finding My Identity

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How was your week? Did you go on a vacation? Or got stuck at work with tasks piled up at the side of your desk? T.T I know the feels! However, I must say, I am very excited for May! As I will be going off to Penang Island with my whole family! Though, I am in no need of tanning, but who cares when there's a sandy beach right in front of you!

Totally working on my body to be ready for those tight fitting swimsuits! Gonna change my hair colour (yes! again!) just few days before leaving for the vacation. Super duperly excited as you can tell. More updates on that later on though, for now I shall stick to my topic of the week. *giggles*


Sometime last week I read a post on FB, about a woman who goes to work with the same "uniform". Well, she doesn't really have a company uniform, so, by that it means, that she pretty much just bought the same pair of outfit for her working days. I know some of you might be wondering, why would you want to wear the same thing everyday. However, I thought about it from her point of view on it as well and I was intrigued by her reason.

( The post :  )

Which leads me, to think of my own identity and since I am in the line of design ,where everything is  about IDENTITY.

First, I took a look at myself and what was I wearing. Then, I noticed that I wasn't wearing what I love to wear, a shirt. I, for one, do not like to wear anything with collar. So, why was I in that dress up in the first place? Well, simple, I was just wearing something that goes along with the dress code of my work place, which is all black outfit. This got me thinking,
" Why not, wear something that represents my style instead, while following the rules? " ...

So what is my style, anyways? To answer this, I went over to my wardrobe and pulled out a few styles that I was into.

and the results are as below;

( Big thank you to my mom, for helping me out with the mini fashion photoshoot. Love you, Mami <3 )

Can you guess which is my favourite? *The answer will be at the end of this post*

After seeing the results for myself, then I thought to myself again, that the only reason why I am not in favor of wearing black outfits on my off days also, is because I am forced to wear black coloured apparels for 6 days in a week, and that makes me feel depressed. Then I realized, I shouldn't be thinking that way, because I initially had too many black outfits in my wardrobe that just proves I love to wear black and white outfits. In fact, I should be embracing it, because my work place requires me to wear outfits with the colours that I am fond of. Oh, and before I forget, I also love leopard prints! Which is why I have about 10 items which are in those prints, however those aren't allowed. *giggles*

Moving on to step no.2! "What else, represents me? ", This was quite easy to answer, for the matter of fact, and the answer to that not so trivial question was, RED. Ok, since I am on the tanner side, wearing red would only make me look even more tanned or maybe even burnt at times, so I thought of another solution. Accessorize in red! Yes, you read it right. Red shoes, red bags, red earrings, red pendants, red laptop, red handphone cover, red notepads and whatever else that could possibly be in red. *giggles* Don't worry, I haven't lost my brains just yet. For obvious reasons, I would only be pulling of an item or two to go along with the look of that day. 

So, I basically found the fashion style that I love the most and my trademark colour. Let me pause for a minute or so here (depends on how fast you read actually XP ), One can argue with me, on why must it be appearance that states my identity and not my designs or other factors. Well, let's be frank, when you meet someone the first thing that comes up in mind is the person's appearance. This supports the saying of " Make the first impression count! ", hence, why I chose to dig in deep about my own appearance and style more. Of course, when I am dealing with my own designs, which I am not doing so at the moment, I would have to think in depth on my artworks and how to make people recognize and remember  that THAT is my work. 

For now, I can only share on how I am finding my identity through my fashion style. This would also make you wonder, "Wouldn't it be boring to wear the same style over and over again? ", True, but once in a while you could always spice things up in your wardrobe and that choice is totally up to you.

These are some of the reasons that I feel wearing a "uniform" style to work or any other casual day is actually a good idea ( Just in case, if you didn't read the post from the link above) ;

a) It gives you less headache in the morning and you can spend more time in bed before the energy- draining day begins.

b) People in your work place would know it's  you, even when you are at a distance. Easy recognition.

c) During special occasions, you would really be a knock out and get many heads turning, since you are not wearing your "uniform". *giggles*

d) And in a way, you just made your fashion shopping list way easier to handle than before.


Answer :
First things first, you should know that when it comes to design and my lifestyle, I try my best to apply minimalism whenever and wherever I can. So, can you guess already which is my favourite style, and most likely here on after you would probably be seeing me in most of the time?

Bingo! The answer is F

I have a thing for loose tops, tight pants and boots.


Do leave comments below, would love to hear your thoughts on ,"What do you think about this idea?", " Would it help you with your own identity?", " How did you find out what is your identity?"

Till the next post, do take care and have a good week!

~~~~~~~ Bonus Pics of the Week ~~~~~~~

Absolute Yana


  1. i guessed correctly =D
    once i skimmed through the choices the last one stand out haha.

    1. Hehehhehe somehow you know me pretty well

    2. ^_^ sometime i'm pretty observant hehe.

      your eyes in the bonus pic is soooooo big haha. kinda scary XDDD

  2. Haha... guessed it wrongly. E for work, D for home. hahaha...

    1. heheheh woopsss...well hope next time will be correct..thank you for reading this post.. ^^

  3. Well, I like you in D the most. I don't know why. Maybe you just look super slim!