How To Be Consistent

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Hye there! How was your week?
Mine was pretty much a hectic week. I'm not sure whether anyone else has done it before but if no one has, I hold the record of running around barefoot in the uni. Wondering why? Well, there was a meeting being held with visitors and some things in the board room weren't right and it needed to be fixed at that time! So one can only run from one building to another. I must say my new heels took a toll..and now its being sent to the "hospital"...

A hectic week it was! Also, I had to research on finding a new place to stay for the time being. Spent hours trying to find a proper place to stay, and luckily for now I managed to find a place nearby. If everything goes well on this coming Monday, then half of my burden for now will be lifted off my shoulders.

Honestly, commuting back and forth while switching transportation, is really giving my body and mind a hard time. Even to the point where my parents themselves decided it would be a better option to stay on my own somewhere nearby.

Will update once again, if all goes well.. ^^


 OK, So let's begin today's topic! Consistency...How does one manage themselves, till the point everything is organized and every task is executed? For me, I fail tremendously in this section. *giggles* I never were a person that kept things in tip top conditions for myself. Why I said for myself? Well that's because I actually do a pretty good job while being a PA for someone else. Organizing things and executing tasks for others is/ was much more possible to do. Weird, isn't it?

So, I begin to wonder, why is it like so? Then, it hit me.. don't worry it didn't hurt me (because there wasn't anything that literally hit me anyways) *giggles*... the fact that doing things for other people motivates me to get it done, was the key to actually organizing myself too, just that I didn't realize it sooner.

First things first! Set your motivators! These could be anything from your parents, family, idols, money, food, vacation and etc... Basically anything can be your motivators.

For me, these are my motivators :

Paste these motivators of yours anywhere and everywhere if possible, so it becomes a constant reminder to push yourself.

Secondly, note down what are the goals that you are aiming for. May it be for that specific day or even for the week or the month. This part is totally up to you, but this is how I did mine :

Since I am working from Monday - Saturday, I kept my Mondays - Thursdays for research purposes, this gives me enough time to explore designs and decide on what to execute during the weekend.
I even kept a day free purely for blogging, so that I don't slack off or miss a day.

Of course, there must be days to exercise, One should always have a healthy mind and body! To not over exert myself, I gave a day to rest in between for each week, and do note, these are not heavy exercises, just some crunches, squats, leg lifts and push ups, home based exercises. I would definitely recommend exercising, even if its only for 10 minutes. Trust me, you may feel tired but a little exercise really helps to boost not only how your body works but also your mind. It keeps you fresh and not feeling like a dead fish!

Also, don't forget to have a Relaxing Day! This is a must! Pamper yourself for that day or just sleep in without any alarms. Honestly, after all that hard work during the week, YOU DESERVE IT!
This is the best time to do mask treatments, foot massages, groom yourself up or what ever else that you can do to pamper yourself even if its home based or getting out to the spa, anything is fine as long you know that it is in your budget/lifestyle.

Finally, remind yourself over and over again, "Why are you pushing yourself?", "What's the purpose of going through hell now?" and tell yourself this, " Because I am that one step closer now to achieve my dreams"

I, myself, just only started on Monday, this new routine of mine. Don't wait for the new week or new month or even the new year, to start paving your way to your dreams. I kept procrastinating because I stopped myself one too many times but now, I am making my move and it would be great if you did too. Let's achieve success together!

Do share, your ways to success with me too. Would love to read and learn from you.
Till the next post, stay healthy and consistent everyone! Take care.


Here are some random picture updates.

*Oh and if you are wondering why suddenly do I have bangs back again, I chopped it off on impulse on Tuesday night because I was feeling the pressure of everything that was weighing me down. Initially, I wanted to chop of the back hair, but I immediately came to my senses, because if I were to cut it, it would have been a mess. So, I decided to just chop off the front hair. *giggles*

Stress can do wonders to a person, just make sure it has a positive end to it ya. Cheers!

Absolute Yana

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