Most Hectic 3 Weeks...

Guess who's back? (Back again..*Eminem's song just randomly came to mind*)

Oh my gosh! That was one hectic experience..It was like a non-stop marathon for me..
From getting my hair dyed purple ombre, to heading up to Penang for a whole family holiday, to working super late hours for events at my working place and to attending my first ever driving lesson, finally I can sit down and properly breath (relax), and blog.

First things first! Yes! I did dye my hair purple! Well, if my hair wasn't so long I would have definitely gone and get full-head purple. However, since I was on a budget, I decided to go ombre with my hairstyle.

So, what do you think?

All are nice and pretty, but I would not deny the fact that I was terrified of the bleaching process! It was pretty scary, especially since I had to bleach it 3 times! Well, it's kind of expected since I had coloured my hair too many times. Hahahahha ( I deserved it, in a way).

The Before!... and yes, I officially joined the specs club...

The In-between ! Hahahah I look like I have a poodle on my head, but yea that's what bleaching does.

The After! There's absolutely nothing to not love here! The colour and the curls are just on spot.

Well, its the 3rd week now, and it still is purple, but some of the colour has already dropped. The sad truth of dying your hair with colours like these. It just doesn't last that long. But! No regrets whatsoever! There might be one regret though, I didn't go full on. Hahahahah but it's ok. Better something than nothing right? 

Tommy did ask me, whether I would go full purple or not? If and only if, I were to cut my hair short then yes, I would go full purple once again!

The funny thing is, before I got my hair done, Tommy gave a remark, " Well, my Yana loves to keep changing her hair, one minute want full black, the next want short hair, then want the hair to be red, then...." I pretty much stopped him from continuing, because it was embarrassing when he was so on-point with my behavior. Hahahahaha...and may I remind you that I am only with him for the past one year, and he has seen all the changes that I made to my hair... I can't help it, I really am obsessed with my hair and I love to keep trying new styles but not the extreme ones though.

Alert! Selfie attack!


Holiday Time  People!

It was definitely a big group, since there was 16 of us! By far, it's safe to say that, that was the largest group that ever went to Penang together. This trip was pretty much planned for a long time, but it kept getting postponed because of everyone's schedule, but finally we all managed to make it happen and it was definitely worth every minute.

We stayed at Park Royal, and must I say their service is very good.
Hehehe, I know what you are thinking.."So, just because they gave you chocolates so that makes them good at their service?"
Well, that wasn't really the case, the complimentary items just kept coming every single day till the day we left, plus they are really friendly too. Some places that I have been to, doesn't even have this kind of services.

I tried my best to relax as much as possible for this trip, simply because I knew the following week would be very messed up. In a way, I pretty much isolated myself whenever I could. Come to think of it, I spent all my time either eating with family or walking down the beach and collecting my seashells.  Hahahahha

Not bad right? I'm not sure if the beach was too clean till there wasn't many seashells to begin with or the beach was too dirty that no sea creatures want to come close by. Hahahahha

Once in a while, I would go out for a jog on the beach, and also had time to hit the gym with both my sister and cousin brother. For two nights in a row, my family and I went off to the "pasar malam". Got me, an inai tattoo with my little cousin sister. Ate delicious food all the way, and the highlight was, being able to eat our family's personal favourite Penang food, lobster baked with cheese. This, pretty much can be classified as a must have in our family's to eat list.

The youngsters!

 It was totally refreshing to jog on the beach, nothing really beats the feeling that I had.
Sometimes, I do wish I lived nearby the sea. If I took up marine biologist instead of design, I guess I would have been able to live that life.
Yes, I know I look like crap here, but whatevers..... :P

Honestly, it's food heaven in Penang! Even simple dishes tastes so good.

When one is at the beach, you should not want to miss the chance of dressing up like a beach girl and a temporary tattoo won't hurt once in a while.

Well, that pretty much sums up my family trip. Would definitely love to go to other beaches not only in Penang but anywhere else. There is just some connection between me and the beach(sea), that's how I feel at the very least. 


Hell broke loose the moment I came back from the holiday. I finally moved in to my new place. Roughly, got to settle the unpacking and then Friday, when I went back to work, I was briefed of the upcoming events and that I have to prepare them. Then on Saturday, though it was only supposed to be half day, it only ended at 9pm. Then, I had a short break on Sunday, which was well spent with Tommy. 

Then the dreadful Monday came, and basically simply put there were nights where we were only able to go back at 10pm and 12am. Hectic week it was! Time just flew by, and honestly, even I can't remember the details. The only thing, I could remember was safely reaching home and knocking off like a log.

Ok! Let's stop with the negativity and let me introduce to you my new mini space.
I wasn't joking when I mentioned "mini space" before...hehehehe

and the highlight is that, I have this view! Totally breath taking, I am always amazed at how beautiful nature can be.


Lastly, for my driving lessons, I can say that it went quite well, though I did make the car to die on me, but it did die when I was stopping at the side, so yea... The instructor said I have a good control on the clutch though I should really practice on my steering skills. Hahaha .. Ironically, I thought I would be bad at balancing the clutch but it turned out to be the other way around! Hahahaha 

Oh well, I still have a lot of time to learn before the official test, so everything so far is going quite smoothly.

That's pretty much everything that there is to update for the moment. Hope everyone had a good weekend and is looking forward for Monday. Till the next post, take care everyone!!!

Absolute Yana.

Bonus pics!


  1. at least there is plenty of sunlight in your room. personally i hate rooms with only 4 walls and no window haha

    1. yeap..its super well lighted up that i cant sleep anymore pass 8am..hahhaha

    2. i know that feeling, especially it's an weekend morning haha. but it's good for weekdays though XD
      one of the reasons why i dont like to stay in hotel, since i dont know whether they got window or not lol

    3. on a side note, your laptop model is exactly the same as my younger sis's. even the color is the same LOL