2nd Fashion Shout Out!

Good day to you! How have you been? Missed me? Just kidding, though I will be very grateful if you did. *giggles*

Today, I will be posting up a few posts separately, so do make sure to take a look at those too ya.. ^^

I am going to kick off the first post with my "Absolute Yana's Fashion Corner"! FYI, I am just making random terms up as I type my way through this blog post. Hahaha

So today I decided to go all Japanese, with a rather simple combo of outfits to get the J-rock/pop  feel.

I bought the leather jacket from nile.com, and if you are wondering how much did it cost me? Don't worry, it didn't even hit RM100! It was only RM42.90!! Amazing right? The reason for my excitement is probably because it's really a good quality jacket and is cheap. Hahahaha 
Usually, jackets like these don't come anywhere under RM100. 

Here's the link, just in case if you want to get it too..

The black spaghetti strap top, I got it from Kitschen and it costs RM13. 

For the white and black striped pants, I got it from A-One. Honestly, don't know the brand that well, however I do know that I got it from a clothes bazaar, and it was selling for RM15 at that time, because they were having clearance sale. Lucky me!

What do you think of this look on me? Do I look like a J-Rock/Pop artist?

Second outfit in the line up, is a complete opposite of the first look.

Got this sexy outfit from nile.com.my as well! Perfect for a night out with the ladies. This costed me RM28.50. Wouldn't complain about the price, since it's still below RM30. I am such a bargain shopper! Hahahaha Very good quality too!

Here's the link to get this outfit, however the last I checked, they ran out of stock for the black colour.

3rd in line, is the outfit that I ordered from Pixie Loft last two weeks, if you have no idea what I am talking about, check out my previous post. *wink*

It fits really well! And I love how simple this dress is yet totally wearable for any occasion!
Obviously, this would be my outfit for work since I'm required to wear all-black.

The last outfit for this week's "Absolute Yana's Fashion Corner" is....

The kimono-floral romper also from Pixie Loft! Both outfit costed me RM28 each. This romper is really comfortable to wear, though it would be wise to wear an inner as it is quite see through. Hahaha

Actually, this week I also purchased a few items from Zalora, but I will only be blogging about it in the following week's blog post. Do stay tune till then, for more fashion updates.. ^^

Take care!
Warm hugs,
Absolute Yana