Fashion ShoutOut!

Hye guys! I'm back!
How's everyone doing? Finally a proper weekend, thanks to Agong's birthday, rested well and back on my feet with updates. ^^

For the past 2 weeks, I have been a little naughty. *giggles* I have been shopping for clothes! Woooohoooooo! Well, this situation is kind of expected especially when one starts to get paid. HAHAHA...

When I was searching for new outfits to purchase, I stumbled upon two online fashion site, by which I have become their victim! Not in a bad way of course! I was totally clicking the  likes away, on many posts because almost all of them were my style preference.

First up! Is EveryGirls_Closet!

Though I only shopped for two item from them for the first round, yes you read it right, there's a second round, and I have already got my eyes set on a few more items.

Quite cheap and the quality is good. So why not shop for more right? ^^

The next one is, Pixie Loft! I would say they are quite new in this business, however they ain't playing around! With them I have already ordered 3 items, and currently am waiting for my 2nd batch to arrive. *Peace Sign*

Super comfy clothing! and here is what I am waiting to arrive at my doorstep...

*Evil Laughter* Excited for these items...really hope by Monday or Tuesday it arrives.
Of course, what is shopping without a pair of shoes thrown into the list as well...

Got this simple yet elegant beauty for only RM12! Well, I was lucky to get it when  Zalora went crazy 70% -90% sale last week!

That's it for now, my shopping spree ends till the new package arrives. I think I would get more items probably next month only, *laughs* ! Need to let my purse to stop bleeding for a bit. :P

Till then, Happy Shopping Everyone!!!

With love,
Absolute Yana

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