Taking The First Step....

Since beginning of the year, I decided to start up a small design business of my own. After, contemplating many times over the details and process.. I finally took that first step last week. I decided to slowly venture into paper art as a home deco design. My first step was to play around a little with bits and pieces of my knowledge of paper cutting, make up and cosplay.

I was inspired by this illustration, would love to credit the owner. ( If anyone knows who does this belong to, please do leave a comment below, Thank you! )

Learning how to finely cut those fragile shapes, really takes up a lot of concentration...

A small step, but it's better than not trying at all, right?

Well, right after this shoot, I worked on another piece. Tried for an even more challenging art piece.
Slowly and steadily, I started to get use to cutting out fine lines and shapes. 

And the end result,

What do you think? Its my first ever deco piece, would you get one for yourself? 
 Well, since its my first time, I am planning to keep it and make even more detailed ones to put them up for sale.

Currently I am working on a few sketches, hopefully my heart will settle for one and then I can start on that project... ^^V


Random Update :

During last weekend also, I managed to visit the Putrajaya's Floral Festival! Thanks to my friend Edmund Lee, for taking me there... ^^

Was really about to get myself a mini orchid plant, however I knew that wasn't a good idea since my room doesn't have a place for it to live properly and it might steal all my oxygen at night...Hahahaha

And now, the photo spamming session begins... ^^

These are all taken by me, and now for some of the pro's work...

Thank you so much Edmund for the pictures!!!

Absolute Yana

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  1. Such beautiful photos to remember the trip by. I only managed to visit the floral fest a year later.