A New Motivation For a Good Cause

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This post is about a new motivation that I have found and it's for a very good cause. Have you heard of LocksOfHope? Well, basically they are a hair donation platform created by MMIS HairCareProfessional for Malaysians to donate their hair to be turned into wigs for cancer patients. I was also just recently introduced to this community by Tommy.

Though it was pretty random of him to tag me in such a community since he isn't really in favor of me to have a short hair cut. However, I do want to admit, that I was thinking about donating my hair for quite some time now, especially since I was having thoughts of cutting off my hair due to the hot weather and also the fact that long bleached hair takes up a lot of time and money to take care of.

Since, I had the thought of chopping my hair already, I just needed that one extra push to actually go for it. Well, I totally understand women with long hair and their struggles and also the loyalty that we have towards our hair. Trust me, it is no different than that of taking care of a child. For my hair to actually grow out to this length, it took me 2.5 years. That's like having a pet, and watching it grow as time passes.

But then, finally that one last push that I needed was the introduction of the LocksOfHope Community. I, for one, do not own that much of money to be able to do charity, but with this donation platform I might just be able to give back some to the community, even if its in a small way.

Unfortunately, I can't immediately donate, since I have bleached my hair before. Hence, why I made the spontaneous and quick decision to chop of my hair first. So that, within a year or two from now, I would be able to donate healthy hair for those whom are in need.

To donate your hair, there are certain requirements that needs to be fulfilled :

1. Cut your hair according the the hair donation requirements. (as attached).
2. Min length required is 6 inch. Preferred length would be 8 inch.
2. Please note that we ACCEPT coloured hair and we DO NOT ACCEPT bleached/damaged hair.
3. Print the hair donation form (as attached) and fill up all your personal details.
4. Put the hair and hair donation form in a sealed plastic bag before into the envelope to protect the hair.
5. Kindly mail your hair to LocksofHope office at the address below:
50-1, JLN SL 1/3,
43000 KAJANG,
TEL: 016-2219005
6. LocksofHope will notify via email with a certificate of appreciation upon sorting out the hair donation form.

Now, it's time for me to take care of my hair and feed it as much nutrients as it needs to stay healthy.
Oh, here are some home remedies that could help you out! Don't worry, I understand that trips to the salons are expensive, so why not try it the natural way.

Remedies Guide!

I do hope that with this post I get to reach out to a lot more people with this good cause and more people are able to help those who are in need of our love and care.

Till, the next blog post. Have a great weekend ahead.
And Happy Holidays!

Oh by the way, this is how I look like right now and Tommy is loving this new hairstyle of mine. ^^

What do you think of my new look? 

Warm regards,
Absolute Yana


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