Absolute Yana Fashion Corner - 3rd Fashion Shout Out!

Hye there!! How was your week?

Early this week I moved into a new place, again! Hahahaha It isn't really ready for viewing as I have a lot more to rearrange, so probably that will be updated by next weekend?

For this week, I have been preparing some of my purchased items from Zalora for today's post.
Yes! I admit I have become a Zalora addict! Hahahahaha Well, I can't help it, not especially when they keep having 90% discounts. It's really hard to resist.

Here it is! My New Wardrobe Collection!

 Metallic Aztec Printed Bodycon Dress, LASH... RM59
 Mesh Insert Bodycon Dress, ZALORA... RM39 (RM59 original Price)
Asymmetric Bodycon Dress, Zalora.. RM38
( I'm pretty sure I got this under SOMETHING BORROWED, completely forgot how much it cost also, sorry! )
 Origami Zipper Skirt, Something Borrowed ...RM29.50 ( RM59 original Price)
Casual Weekend Romper, SOMETHING BORROWED, RM69

Pretty much from head to toe I am dressed up with the items that I bought from Zalora except for the accessories and the sling bag. The sling bag, I got it from Brands Outlet, they are also having sales! I got this simple black sling bag at only RM19.90 ( if I'm not mistaken, lols )

The accessories are from different fashion markets. All of them were under RM15!
Well, I pretty much blew up on my budget for this month, so most likely no shopping till September. Hopefully, that is. ^^

Here are some close up on the shoes.

 Nora Strappy Espadrille Wedges, VELVET... RM50
 ( Another item that I have forgotten its price! Damn, I'm getting old!)
Hologram Gladiator Sandals, ZALORA... RM69

I guess that's all for this week's Absolute Yana Fashion Corner.Oh! Currently, I am waiting for the last order for this month's clothing purchase (evil laugh). Once I get it, I will definitely update then. Till the next post, happy shopping to you! 

Warmest regards,
Absolute Yana

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