Calling All My Babes! Exclusive Offer at Young Hearts, Midvalley!

Hye there! It's been a while hasn't it? How are you doing? This post especially goes out to my babes!
I am going to cut to the chase, cause I have something URGENT to tell you!
Last week, Young Hearts just had their grand opening at Midvalley! Wondering what is Young Hearts? Never heard about it before? Well, neither did I, till I was informed about it by a close friend, Mona. She invited me to this grand opening as a blogger, and I must say I was very happy because it's my very first blogger event. And I have no regrets whatsoever attending it!

Click Me Here --> Young Hearts

 The Young Hearts brand is all about having a lifestyle that is fun-loving, high-spirited, feminine and young. They are selling super adorable lingerie and sleep wear! And RIGHT NOW, they are having exclusive offers that you should not miss out!

They had a promotional activity during the grand opening event called ‘It’s time to bin your bra’, customers who brought old bra to trade in, was entitled for 50% off on the next bra. The purpose of this activity is to educate young girls on wearing the correct bra for their size and cup, by dumping the old bra which already out of shape, their promoters also gave professional advice to customers on the bra that fits them. 

They also had a special promotion that was only valid on 11 July and 12 July which was 30% off storewide! Though they only had this promo for those two days of their grand launch for their 28th outlet in Malaysia, do not worry babe!

There is still ONE MORE SPECIAL OFFER that lasts till this 19th of July! BUY 3 FREE 4!! Isn't that a great deal? Well, I sure enjoyed getting myself a set of adorable bras with this special promo.
If you are wondering, what would you do with so many bras? Don't worry, you could also split the bill with a friend. *giggles*  Well, at least that's what I did.

I brought my close friend along, as we both really needed to get our inners.
So, what are you waiting for? Go get those adorable bras already! ^^

Here's what I bought! and I also got a free pair of panties. It came in that little sweet packaging at the top right of the picture. 

 Young Hearts, Midvalley is located right above the Magnum Cafe.

During the launch, we were served with some sweeties.  It was a shame that I couldn't get to eat these extremely cute cupcakes, since I was fasting. Still wondering how it would have tasted like...Hehehe

Not forgetting their donuts as well!

These are some of their bra collections, can you spot the ones that I bought?

By the way, this is Mona! I first met her during my first modelling job. She is one of the slimmest of them all.*Giggles*

On the far right, is Irene, my senpai at office that turned to one of my close friend, I turn to her almost for anything and she helps me a lot. On the far left, is Geena Yew, a super model!  She can definitely be seen almost everywhere throughout this whole year! and she is only 21 years young, if I'm not mistaken. Very young and very ambitious. Here is her page, just incase. ^^ --> Geena

Oh! and here is Mona's Page too..-> Ramona

That's it for this post! Do hurry and pamper yourself with good quality yet affordable bras!

See you again babe!

Absolute Yana


  1. ramona ask me to come for the launching too haha
    but something happen so cant make it

  2. Thank you babe for the post!!!