Just A Random Wild Yana On the Loose Again

This is a very random post, since in awhile I haven't post anything on makeup, so I thought I should do some concepts this morning, however since I was cut short of the attempt by getting called to the office, my efforts just ended up like a scrambled egg. Despite that, I am still going to post this up anyways, since I woke up early just for this. I shall not let even the smallest efforts go by unnoticed. ^^

Hahahahaha I scared you there didn't I?? Sorry sorry! I was actually trying to recreate the Cleopatra look and somehow ended up with this vampire look...

I think I nailed this concept. Well, did I? You be the judge. ^^

and for the finale, just a random Megane Moment...

I know I know, it's really a super random post but I still want to share it. And you should do the same too! Sometimes when you think you have done something but its not up to par and you tend to discard it, try not to instead. We aren't perfect, we learn through our flaws. So if you can flaunt your flaw, you can definitely flaunt your strength even more gloriously. That's when you will learn how to appreciate everything you do. 

Have a good day!
Absolute Yana


  1. Omg you are so hot! I like the cat eye one!


    1. Omg..you're here..!! T.T (happy tears- got noticed by a senpai) Hahahah it's the make up...without it I'm no where near hot..hahahaha... me too me too...
      thanks dear for dropping by

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