Shoppr, The new platform for fashionistas!

Hye there fashionista! Yes you! Always had a thing for fashion? Want to inspire others with your own style? Love starting a new fashion trend? Or you love to keep yourself updated with what's new ? Then here is an app just right for you!

Shoppr is an app to post up all your favourite OOTD whenever and wherever you are at. I myself just discovered it a few weeks back, thanks to facebook ads.

This is how my profile looks like, pretty straight forward , isn't it?

What makes shoppr special?
Well, if you click any of the pictures, at the bottom left there is an "Inspire Me" button and it leads you to this -->
It shows you options of similar outfits, and for me this is genius! Well, if you have a thing or two for shopping and fashion, this is just perfect. Not only you get to know which brands are these outfits from but also it states their prices, which makes it easier to know whether it's in your budget or not.

Honestly, its a really simple app. Post your own fashion statement, share it with other fashionista, get inspired along the way and every once in a while, there are free giveaways too!

So, why not try out Shoppr today??
Let's get started! Please do follow me, and I would do the same, would love to see and keep up with your latest fashion updates! ^^

Glam Up Lovelies!
Absolute Yana


  1. Love this post! Thank you for your support, Yana!

    Ming from Shoppr

    1. Thank you Ming for the wonderful app and taking your time to read up... ^^

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