Absolute Yana Fashion Corner

Hey there! It's been awhile. How have you been?
I have been caught up with something for the past 3 weeks, will spill it to you by next week, promise.. ^^

For now, I am just going to share with you some of my styles. Hope you like them and please feel free to comment on those outfits?

Yes, I did change filter, and I'm somehow more into this filter since it gives a more japanese feel. Well, that's what I think at least, *giggles*

I got this off-white turtle neck top from Times Square, KL. If i remember correctly it only costed me RM 15. For the leather leggings I got it from http://www.qoo10.my/ . Bought it probably around last year, but I remember it was only RM8, as my friend got it for me. 
For the studded boots, it is a gift from my sister, she got it for me knowing one of my favourite boots had already worn out. :( but I am happy back now. 

Hey, Shinku made his appearance! ( It's the red teddy bear, that I bought for only RM15!)

A basic look, purchased the white singlet from Kitschen, which costed RM11.90 ( if I'm not wrong because it was on sale). The long black pants I bought it from one of the shops at Times Square a year ago or maybe even more, for RM18. 
The red heels makes it appearance again with this combo! ^^ The necklace was from an all-accessories shop in Amcorp Mall, PJ. It cost me, RM5 only! Super duper cheap. ^^V

And, for my last outfit, this was a birthday gift from Tommy last year, still haven't manage to wear it for any occasion. T T hopefully soon, I will be able to! Got this from Fblock, forgot how much this cost though, however definitely lesser than RM50 for sure.

Hahaha, this time around is if you noticed, almost all of these outfits were from at least a year ago. This happens when one constantly buys outfits on impulse.Buahahhahaha

That's it for today! Do keep a look out for my blog post on my new art pieces.

Have a great weekend!

Stay fashionable,
Absolute Yana


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  7. Pretty color and dress. :-) I'm not sure what my color is but I think it's geared towards earth tones.
    Joseph Donahue

  8. I really like your blog. I like wearing dresses in the winter too.
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