AniManGaki 2015!

OMG!!! Such a hectic week! *pants*

Literally too tired to do anything T.T
Finally, I manage to come home early from work today, and make time and space for me to blog.
I would sincerely like to apologize to you, for making you constantly wait for me to post up. Sorry!!
*bows down 90'*

Ok! Without any further delay, let's get down to what went down, last Sunday.

I attended AMG 2015! If you are wondering what is it? Well, AniManGaki is an animation,comics and games (ACG) convention that is held annually at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre. Basically, a place for cosplayers and friends to meet up and show their skills in re-enacting their favourite anime characters.

I got to admit, I actually forgot about this event, till my friend, Edmund called up to ask of my attendance for this event. Hahahaha! My bad, really, work has totally occupied my brains, heck! I even forgot about my family gathering the week before that.

Since, I was practically reminded just 2 days before the event, I didn't manage to cosplay any specific character as I was short of outfits. *sobs* The only thing I could afford to pull off was a japanese girl/neko with a red teddy bear (Shinku).

Here comes, the flooding of the pics! *wink wink*

A selfie, for the start of the journey...

Yes! I love my Shinku!

Squeeshieee face time...

 I actually had more time taking selfies than being photographed. Buahahhaa, really need to step up my cosplay game for CF!

Luckily, I was braver this time to take pic with random cosplayers all by myself. The last time, I pretty much had help from my friends to stop the cosplayers. Hahahaha ..Oh and I met up with more friends this time around, and managed to snap snap here and there...

 Recently, I have only been seeing him during cosplay events and i got scolded for deleting him from my FB, but in all honesty I didn't even know when/how/who/what did I do. Lols. Rest assured I immediately added him back. Hahahaha

Little Belle, she is so cute and pretty!

Honestly, don't know who is this! But I turn 180' from where I was standing and ran towards him/her for a photo! 

Proud to have taken a pic with him, Iqi! He is a very well known cosplayer in Asia!

and of course the team... Though some of them haven't arrive yet at that time.

 Rather than the cosplayer himself, I was more impressed with the sword, and what is more fascinating is that, that sword was made by my ex-college mate! How small can the world get?!! Everyone knows everyone! Hahaha

 It's Gwen again ! and this time taking on a bitchy character.

Kori!!! She is one hell of a sexy cosplayer, a friend that I was introduced to by Gwen way back then. 

 This is the ex-college mate that I was talking about.!

 Meet Jeff! He is one of the first batches of photographers that I got to know when I was modelling and now he is a very successful videographer as far as I know. Though he might not say it or act like a pro but trust me, looks can be very deceiving.

 This is Jason, if I remember correctly I have introduced him before. During my previous cosplay event. He is really enthusiastic with anime and korean stuff!

 and Edmund makes his second appearance here on my blog.! Remember the Floria visit? Oh wait, on a second thought I think its his third time, as I did mention him before during last year's CF event. Hahaha... Thank you for reminding me Edmund!
 On my left, is Albert and his friend, Akmar. Though many would think communicating with friends who have disabilities to speak is difficult, I find it rather interesting and fun to speak to them and Albert is the first photographer to shoot me underwater. I am still waiting for a second chance to do it again. Hahaha
It's been ages since I last saw this amazing talented woman, Su Jing! We have known each other since primary school. I also managed to get her to do me! Don't I look extra cute in her drawing??

This time I even bought a katana! Hopefully, I get to use it for my next cosplay or photoshoot event, which I am preparing my body for. Hahaha, I may look small but my tummy ain't no joking matter.

Please do let me know, who would you like to see me cosplay as for the next event? Possibly someone with short hair like mine...Hahaha

OH! and I have to share with you something! This is a special dedication for my waifuu Gwen!
Today is her birthday! Us both have shared a lot of memories together since 5 years ago, when I first moved out from home. It was amazing, that we just clicked from the moment we knew each other. Too many late night talks, too many random yumcha sessions in the middle of the night, lots of hugs and kisses, shared tears too at some point...gosh those memories are priceless.

Thank you so much woman! For all that you have gave me, especially your attention. I shall not forget, that you were also the one who introduced me to Cosplay. This is what makes this post special! If you hadn't push me and shower me with all those bishie cosplayers...none of this would I have ever experienced. Thank you so much once again, Gwen! Here's a small tribute to you.. Everyone needs to know you, because you are just the bundle of joy that everyone needs.

 Ok, so this doesn't count, however she was cosplaying for my assignment as rilakkuma. I totally forgot to take pic with her when she was in full costume....T.T

Her latest cosplay, is so dope, that I have shivers down my spine with this stare!

Definitely, need to work on my cosplay skills till it reaches her level.! Do keep a look out on more cosplay event, as you may just bump into her and me!
Till the next post, take care!

Absolute Yana

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