The Kick Start by Room99

Hye! It's me again. How are you? Been doing good lately, that's great! Not really? Awww, don't worry I'm sure things will get better soon! 

Let me inspire you today for just a little. It's a cycle of inspirations, I kid you not. Because this post is all about getting/being inspired.

I have been working for 8 months now at my workplace as a designer, and one of the best thing I could wish for was to be guided by a professional in the Art Industry. Even though, I only knew him for 7 months, he gave me a lot of advice and encouragement, but I highly doubt he even realizes his own actions that had led me to push myself to work harder on my own art.

Basically he gave me a crash course of something that he took years to learn, which is why I am thankful for every tip that he gave. With his advice, I managed to somehow sell off almost all of my artworks that were just created within this year. 3 out of 4 of my art pieces sold off within a week of its completion. 

Currently, I am working on another project, though it's taking a bit longer than expected but I do wish to complete my "Dahlia" series soon ( by end of September ). I am also thankful, because of the fast exposure, I have even been receiving random requests of art pieces. Here is a little sneak peak!

Oh! Let me share to you some of the tips that he gave! Well, you might say isn't this steps like pretty obvious, but let me tell you, sometimes people just need reminders of the little things that will make all the changes that you need to push yourself higher up.

Tip 1 : Find your IDENTITY!. Make sure it's something that you want people to remember and automatically know that it is you in the future without much introduction.
- I was only able to come up with my final logo thanks to his advice. Here! This is how it looks like now. And, I am also trying to make my artworks have an identity in them, so it will look like it did came from the same owner. Hahahhaha

Tip 2 : Creating MANY art-related accounts! Instagram and Facebook Pages aren't enough to get this trick done. Having accounts like Deviant Art, Behance, Flickr, Coroflot, also not forgetting the platform to sell those products like, Carousel and Duriana sure helps a lot in term of exposure. Of course, the more accounts you have the better are your chances to get discovered. 

Coroflot - Absolute Yana

Instagram - Absoluteyana

*Basically, you can find any of my accounts with "Absolute Yana" Hahahahha*

Tip 3 : Be More Active! We all have loads of work to carry on our shoulders, but it shouldn't be the reason to come up with excuses! If you want people to know your art, somehow you must push yourself to be motivated to get the piece done. I know I am still lacking in this department, as I always give in when I am feeling tired, but if I set my mind to it, I'm 100% sure I can get it done!
Just need to keep finding motivations/ mood boosters, hahahahaha...For me sushi does the trick, but I haven't been getting much chance to eat them. T.T 

Tip 4 : Don't Give Up! Most of the times, I get pretty bummed. It's not surprising especially when I am always trying to look cheerful. ( But most of the times, I am just cheerful, lols ). It really drains my energy, when I keep trying to be positive with all the negativity that this world has to offer. Hence, my moodiness = laziness! I am still trying to fix this part of me, and possibly one of the way is for me to discipline up myself. I will let you know how that goes, hahahahah Or maybe I should just show it through my progress with my art pieces. Hmmmmm... Oh well...

Tip 5 :  Always Set Your Goals Higher! For me, I have set my mind to produce at least 20 art pieces by end of the year, so that I can start up a new website purely for my artworks! Right now, I only have 5 projects, still long way more to go...and it's already turning October soon! Damn! It's crunch time people!

Try it out! I hope that this will help you too! I am sure will a little more dedication of your time with your passion, you would be producing amazing things that this world has been waiting for.

I have been blabbing about this and that, but I haven't even introduce my senior! Hhahhahah

His name is Howe Qin aka Room99.
It's a pity that I wouldn't be able to work with him anymore, as he decided to spread his wings a little more, else where. But this also means, I get to see more of his artwork since he has more time on his hands now.

Before he left, I managed to get some of his artworks with his signature. Call it lame or whatever, but it's not everyday that I get to work with an artist that is too damn humble for his own good and is well known around the world. Hahahahha

Let me end this post, with some pictures of us and his artworks that I have set my eyes on! Oh! and here is his blog link and Behance link :

 Absolut Vodka Competition
Ok, I am no musician, however if I was this would be a really cool guitar to own!

Dragon! Rawrrrr!! I think I made it sound cute, sorry about that Howe Qin!

Hmmm, I wonder if I can still get one of this?

My parting gift! T.T

If you ever wondered, how badass was Doraemon, here is your answer!

Thank you again for reading my post! Hope it will inspire you! Till the next post, have a good day!

Trully inspired,
Absolute Yana

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