A Day Trip with The Retards : Waterfall

Hye! It's that blogging time again! ^^ 

Today, I went on a short trip with my close friends to Sungai Gabai. This time around, it was more for a relaxing trip than an adventure one. Just to get things off the chest. There is just too much work and stress and very less or almost to none relaxing time. A little getaway, I would say.

Since everyone, had a late night, we scheduled to depart a little later, around 9am.

This was taken while waiting for Michelle and Navin to arrive.

When they arrived, we went on a little hunt for breakfast. Though we had all aimed for McDonalds, we only had a slight hint on where to find an outlet that was on the way to our destination. But, our hero, James, he just drove like he knew where it was. At the end, we dropped by a mall to take away our breakfast. Hahahah

 on the way up...

at the entrance....

It took us around 45 minutes or so to reach this place. Very long and narrow roads. Don't drive up here, if you are afraid of getting scratches on your car.  Luckily, we immediately found a parking spot as we went in. Maybe, there were lesser people today.

The far left picture, is what that greeted us as we entered.. then came the long stairs..hahahhah...Nature's art is definitely the best art on earth. Don't you think so?

Here comes the patternful uncle James..Asked him to pose, and that's what he gives me =__=|||
The lovely couple, Holla Tinder couples! 

 Practicing my photography skills once in a while...

 Thanks guys, for always giving me support...

and now you know why we call ourselves, The Retards...

We found our spot, after climbing up for a bit...Yes! I can't smile properly yet.,
since it was freezing cold!

See,even Mr.Froggie is chilling and enjoying the waterfalls...I probably should create an art piece that resembles waterfalls..Just a thought..

Then, there's me trying the whole modelling thing again..buahhahahaha But I kid you not! It was so relaxing to just lay there while chatting with the rest...

Photo credits to James...

 Oh! Then I told him to pass me my phone while I was still laying there like a
dead fish to take this shot...Hahahaha

Me and my babe...My birthday present from the above, since first day of uni life...We are still wondering why didn't we make trips like this before...

The last sets of selfies before leaving... and then I requested for a picture of me climbing down...hahhaha the guys were like Spiderman coming down, then there's me
wobbling all over the place...Hahahahha

I super wish to have all of these elements in my future home...

After the long walk back to the car, we immediately changed outfits and drove off to our next destination to have some Ikan Bakar!! Plus, I guess our timing were just right, because as soon as we left, it started to rain...

While driving to the next location, we passed through a group of monkeys,..which one wanted to YOLO and cross the road ( at a corner) blindly as we were driving past.. Thank god, no animals or humans were killed in the process...

and honestly, I didn't even know that there was a lake/dam, like right in the middle of Semenyih... Well, my geography sucks and my general knowledge isn't that complete yet.. Hahahaha...

When we finally reached the restaurant, which again James blindly drove to, there were many people chomping down on their food...this made us even more hungry...

We had to wait quite awhile for our food to be served..hence, when the food came, we were like piranhas...

 Tomyam Style

 Mixed Veggie, though it's actually just lady's finger...hahahha

 Assam Style

Teo Chew Style

Nyum Nyum.... Foooood.... Well if I were to grade the food, it would probably be 3 out of 5..
Reason being that, we received our meal after waiting for 30 minutes or so, and we were expecting it to be more spicy than how it actually turned out to be. But all in all, the fish was really fresh and so was the veggie. So, there's a thumbs up for that!

Well, that ends our trip for today. Hopefully, there will be more trips like this. I really need to make a bucket list of things that I want to do or achieve before I hit 30...which means I am only left with 5 more years...Damn! It's ok, all is good I guess. I have accomplished a number of things till to date. Which I am planning to blog about it on my next post. Do keep a look out for that post!

Till the next post, take care and have fun!

Lot's of love,
Absolute Yana

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