A Tornado of a Month

Hye there! How are you feeling? Enjoyed the month of Halloween? Had fun at parties? That's great! Glad you had fun. But if you didn't, don't worry there is still Christmas to look forward to.

For me, well, it was great in the beginning however it turned sour towards the end. Still very much trying to grasp the reality of my own choices. No worries, I am a strong girl, at least that is what I would love to believe.

So let me sum up the month of October for you, a tornado of a month.

Beginning of the month, I was blessed with a confirmation letter from the company after 8 months  of working with them. Yahoo! Along with the confirmation came the increment! Everyone's happy pill. Then few days after, on 9th of October, met my new car, Kei-kun! Why Kei-kun? Well, the name in japanese means Luck/Lucky, and for me I felt like it suited the car and me very well, since everyone says I have a lot of good luck. ^^ I would say I am just very blessed.

Want to see my Kei-kun?

Handsome ain't he?

*Today, on the 5th of November, I have hit my first 1000km marker. An accomplishment indeed.*

After these two good news, the month went by quickly, while I was trying to accustom myself to driving on my own and as well as handling a big project on my own. Which pretty much took up most of my time, since I kept clocking out of work after 9pm.

Needless to say, I was pretty much exhausted. In the meantime, I also had to move my things back to my parents' place. All these kept me away from my other half, and his busy schedule also kept him awake and working all night long.
I won't really go into detail, however as a summary of our schedules and lifestyle, we had to take our separate routes. But still, I would say I am still very blessed, as I still have him as a friend. 
Therefore, the ending wasn't totally sour. It was just at some point, tasteless.

*I want to take this moment to just share all the memories we built together, no matter what, I will still treasure all the moments we had together.*


Since, I was basically rushing for work and rushing work and rushing to pack and move back, I had very little time for my blog, which I would like to sincerely apologize for. *bows 90'*

It's time to turn things back around and to get back on track! Will definitely be working on more blog posts, and getting back to my art pieces. Really have to work hard and make all my dreams come true. This is the only way I know how to move on from a heartbreak, which is probably the best solution, Diversion! 

Sorry, if you feel this post is all over the place, this is pretty much how my mind is now.Though, I think it is safe to say, that rest assure, I am slowly but steadily trying to re-organize a lot of things. Once, I have cleared up the mess in my head, I will definitely post my long awaited Cameron Trip blogpost. 2 months have already pass and I still haven't manage to post it up. My sincere apologies again. :(

Don't worry the next post will definitely be full of positive energy! This, I promise to you and to myself.

Absolute Yana


Extra : Changes had to be made!

So basically this was how I looked like while I was being absent.

and by the end of the month, I made an impulsive choice to cut my hair even shorter. I would blame my depression for it in a way, but hey, it helped to cheer me up a bit. Not sure how, but it did. Felt like a fresh start, that was desperately in need.

(Oh! And I attended Cosmart last weekend, just a short drop by. I literally went to work with this outfit, lols. Sorry, there isn't much to be updated for the event though..)

That's it, for now. Till the next post, See you!

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