New Achievement Unlocked!

Hye there! How was your weekend? It was good? That's great! Not really? Had a boring one? Awww, don't worry! You have just a few more weeks to the New Year! Better days are to come... ^^

Remember from my last post, I said I would try my best to get myself together? Well, after a whole week of rough tides, the weekend served me well. Last Saturday night, I had a family gathering at SOULed OUT, in Hartamas, celebrating my aunt's birthday. It was a surprising event, got to meet up with a lot of my family members that we didn't get to keep in touch with after awhile.

But, the highlight for me was towards the end of the night where I spent my time talking to my cousin sister, Rachel. We were exchanging experiences and basically, girls talk. After going on and on about sensitive matters,I randomly blurted out this sentence " I know to move on, I NEED to be out there, but I just DON'T WANT to".. It's very contradicting, yes? Well, the brains knows what is best for me, however my heart and body ain't listening! Hahahaha 

After that one sentence, I realized that there are a lot of things that I haven't tried. Things like, hiking, bungee jumps, sky diving, snorkeling, travelling and etc. Then, guess what I did next? I texted my college mate-turned-close friend, and asked whether I could ask him something or not? Please note that this conversation started at 11.56 pm. Honestly, I had no idea what was he up to, or that even if he is asleep or whatsoever. But then, I was lucky enough that this dude, was only driving home, and then at 12.56 am I asked him whether he would want to go for a hike this Sunday morning itself? and as shock as he was with the sudden invite, he still agreed to do it once I told him I needed to find an outlet to release my depression.

Hence, the short trip to Gasing Hill which is located in the centre of Petaling Jaya.

Manage to take a quick shot of me taking my first step into the hiking scene...lols

The moment I was in, I was greeted by a flight of stairs! There were a lot of stairs!! I kid you not! 

 Many different kinds of trails...

Even though, in the pictures it looks like there weren't many people, but NO! That wasn't the case! There were a lot of people and the BEST PART is they were all so NICE and FRIENDLY! Something that I really wasn't expecting, even James was like "woaaahh"

Just walked like probably the first 50 metres, there was an elderly group, and all of them greeted "Morning". I know maybe for some of you are like, "Why is that surprising?" but honestly, these days manners and humanity has gone down the drain, however after today's experience, there's still hope for everyone. 

I was literally beaming with smiles, whenever I passed by anyone after that, and both James and I greeted as we went along. It was really refreshing, their smiles and the kind gestures just boosted up my whole mood. Even though, we don't know each other, but sincerely I would like to thank all those whom I came across with, at the hike for cheering me up. 

I am definitely going for more hiking sessions after this, it's really an energy booster if you are feeling down...

Oh! before I forget, as we went along, I managed to take more pictures and asked for James help to take some pictures too...but before that, I have to warn you, you will be seeing me without any touch ups, like who goes for hiking while wearing make up right? Still, I had to give out the warning, since I look like bare and about to die. Hahahhahhaha 

Sorry! I don't have like them korean faces, where they can go for a jog and still look amazing, I just look like... well me without makeup. Hahahhahaha

Halfway going up, we saw this Watch Tower, it would have been cool if they allowed people to go up, unfortunately, we weren't allowed to, so yea, an alternative picture..

Yeap! That's me!

Here's James, from the retard clan. Hahahah Btw, we call ourselves Retards, if you were wondering why I called him a retard. Thanks boy for entertaining my sudden request!

Got to chase him away after the above shot, to take this picture of the trail...Hahaha Sorry boy...

Oh! and if you were to keep going up, you would out of nowhere reach a jogging trail! Which I find it to be cool. 

Then there's me again, taking short breaks...

It a small pond, most likely man-made...I think...

Morning sun rays, are the best! Super in need of touching up my photography skills back again...hahahahha

After that small pond, when we headed upwards we stumble upon this abandon house, it's like literally in the middle of the jungle...

Then, there's the blurr face again... Hahaha... Totally wasn't expecting a hanging bridge, though it wasn't very high, but still, I couldn't bring myself to look down, but I successfully crossed it with heavy breathing.. hahahhaha Note! I am afraid of heights!

Finally, after going through all the routes, a well deserved shot of achievement! 

After resting awhile, we headed back to Old Klang road, to eat brunch at Chee Meng Chicken Rice Shop. Damn, after all that climbing stairs and hills, the both of us were super hungry, hence the decision of ordering half a chicken! Hahahaha... Sorry, forgot to take pic of it though.

While we were eating, I received a message from Michelle, with the news update on her plans of purchasing a new car. From one topic led to another till it came to a point, we asked her to meet up with us, and with Vinc Yuee, 2 hours later for another eating session, this time Banana Leaf! Hahahaaha If you are wondering what's the point of hiking then, well like stated previously it was for relieving stress not for exercising or dieting...hhahhaahhaa *coughs*

Food!!! Should really come up with a trip just for food blogging...hahhhahah

And well, there was a lot of catching up... and towards the end we decided to save up for a trip overseas.. for now, I guess we are looking forward for Bali.  Let's see how it goes, there is still a year ahead to go.

That's it for today's update! Hope this post inspires you, if you are feeling down and in need of a boost. Maybe, not hiking if it isn't your thing, do try out something else instead, who knows what you may encounter.

For me, I am planning to slowly break my comfort zone. It's time for me to explore, I guess. You should start exploring too!

Have a good week ahead! May God bless you always. Stay safe and healthy ya!

Signing off with a beaming smile,
Absolute Yana


  1. I felt left out for not able to join the hiking already. T^T LETS GO BACK BUKIT GASING do another hike! HAHAHAHAHA! (James would be pissed)

    1. jom!!! when you not busy then we go...on Sunday.. ^^ I don't mind going there multiple times..

  2. You and your monkey profile pic. Sleep more la, pattern dude. -_-

  3. Glad to see you're doing better and exploring different experiences. Always a smile when I read your blog.

    1. Thank you for always reading my blog.. ^^ I hope i can create more smiles... ^^