Love Changing Hair Colours? This is Perfect for You!

Hye there!!!
Merry Christmas!! I bet you are having a great time, aren't you? Holidays are here and so is New Year! How I wish I could take the whole week off, hahahaha.

Did you get many presents? Did you give out many presents? Is your tummy bloated from all those delicious meals? If you answered yes to any one of them, then Yes!Without a doubt you are having a good time!

Ok, so I thought I should share out with you, what a little Santarina told me just weeks before Christmas. She told me, that now it is possible to constantly change my hair colour to suite the ever-changing seasons and trends. My only reaction was ,"HOW??"

We all know that changing hair colours often can cause serious damage to our beloved hair. So, how is it possible to change your hair colour without bleaching your hair? Or going to the saloon?
The answer is simple!


Hair Wax??? Wouldn't that make you look like you have broomstick hair? Don't worry, it doesn't, in fact, your hair looks as natural as it was before, just even more amazing with vibrant colours!

Here's how the product looks like...

These are the range of colours that it comes with, Purple, Gold, Green, Grey, White, Blue and Red.
Each of this tub costs, RM45.00. It's an ok price, since you can use it many times.

The things that you would need to have when using the hair wax, is a comb, a pair of gloves and also a hair dryer ( If you want to dry it faster, if not you could just air dry it)

Here's a video that I had uploaded a while back. It's just me mumbling and showing you how did I put on the hair wax:

Temporary Hair Colouring

Oh! Please note that, I took that video when I was styling it differently ( highlights only) . Below are the pictures taken when I was using the wax for the second time (full head).

This is how I look like after using it.


Product Rating

Product : 8/10
Packaging : 5/10
Price : 7/10

Comments : 

The colour shows brilliantly when in use, Things get slightly messy during application, but easily washes off from accidental staining. It doesn't come off or stain my clothes when it's already dried, but please do be careful when it's still wet. 

The packaging however, I wish it could have English translations for it, though it's still pretty easy to understand how to use it, but hey, universal instructions could come in handy.

For the pricing, I would say it's not too cheap nor is it expensive. Come on, how else to change your hair colour as often as you would like to without getting it bleached for this kind of pricing. 

To order this product do contact,

Candy : 0179759699 (whatsapp)


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Till the next post, stay happy and healthy always!

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