A New Chapter

Happy New Year To You!!
I would sincerely love to wish you, all the best for this year!

How did you spend your new year's eve? For me, I took a different route this time. I celebrated eve with my close friends, which over the years has become my family. We went for the PaintGlow Festival that was held at Sepang Circuit.

It was really fun! Though, I would have to admit after an hour of raving, I felt old and out of energy. 
Yes, I know! I am only turning 25 soon, but still it's tiring. Probably, I have reached the point of where I find beds to be the most comforting objects/space in the world and I tend to find comfort whenever I can? I guess, you can say this is probably a side effect of working too much. Oh well, never mind about me feeling old. Let's talk about partying!

These were the party people for the night, Michelle, Navin, James and Richard, well of course including myself.

You could say, Michelle was the organizer for this awesome year end celebration. Once we all gave her the green light, she directly bought the tickets, very instantaneous.
Honestly, this woman is the reason  why I know how to enjoy my life. From my very first footstep into clubs to rave parties to concerts. All those good times are the best treasures of mine, Oh! and definitely there are more to come. Probably different kind of adventures.

The night was all too awesome! Music pounding in my eardrums, feeling the beat drop inside of my chest, fun-crazy ravers stomping on the ground, fists punching in the air, myself trying to shuffle to the beat ( as I once could, with heels but now, I just look like a clumsy donkey), boyfriends carrying their girlfriends up their shoulders, random water cannons blasting at ravers, enjoying yummy food and drinks from vendors when we needed to cool down from all that jumping, all of these experiences will definitely be stored in my mind and heart till I take it to my grave, that's for sure!

There was only one red light about the PaintGlow Festival, though security was very tight this time around ( which is a good thing ), it would have been even more awesome, if they weren't being racist. If items like vapes weren't allowed in, then it should have been applied to everyone, not only certain races. That wasn't a nice thing to do. Come on, people, it's the 21st century, race is just a heritage and meant for filling up forms. Not, to separate men apart. You die, I die, We all die at the end. Let's all respect each other, as the humans that we are. There's no need for hate or bias. Peace!

After the party was done, we headed to Setiawalk, for some supper or you might call it super-early-breakfast. Had a little catching up session, before we separated our ways.

After probably 3 hours of sleep, woke up and was in full gear to clean up the house and my room. Pretty much spent the day with my family. Lazing around whenever I could. Cuddled up to my bolster, truthfully, my bolster and I have the best and longest relationship. Time just flew by quickly that day, then came the 2nd day, which was a working day for me. 

The highlight, of that day, was the beauty of nature that opened my heart to a wonderful year ahead. Kak Jue, Irene and myself went on a short trip to Sepang to enjoy some seafood by the beach. It took us months of planning to actually make this trip come true.

Photo credits to Irene

Please excuse our eye bags for having their own bags.

Before we went to order our food. We took our time for some selfies and photography session.
Below are the results of my photography skills taken with my HTC Desire Eye. Do let me know, if you do see a potential of me being a photographer in the future.

A beautiful way to start the new year, isn't it? Hopefully, throughout this whole year I would be able to capture the beauty of life and share it here with you. It's one of my goals for 2016.

If the second day wasn't beautiful enough, on the 3rd day I went for hiking with my two hiking buddies. James and Vincyuee. These two, are too extreme even for my own good but I love joining their plans anyways. 

Hiking up Broga Hill, was a new challenge for me. It was way different from Bukit Gasing. Probably, Bukit Gasing was a walk in the park, this right here, Broga is what they call as a mini first step to your hiking journey. This was already a challenging trail for me, and these people are saying that's its only for beginners.

Since, we started hiking at 6am, it was pitch dark, on normal days, I would already feel like I am lacking vision, this time I just felt completely blind. Of course, we used torch lights, but still not knowing what is up ahead has its' own thrills. I would have to say, going up, is easy though its exhausting. It's the coming back down, that scares me more! Me and steep hills aren't the best of friends since I have fear for heights. When I was coming down there were trails that I could just like run down , but I ended up sliding down most of the time, as I really got frightened when I stood up. Hence, the name "Mountain Slider" was given to me by James. I think there was a video taken of me sliding down. If there is, I will upload it on Youtube.

Oh! There was also a time where I needed to pull myself up with a rope, because there were no other way of climbing over two huge rocks! Oh my god, putting myself back at that time, I could only feel my heart pumping so fast, that it would probably come out of my chest, when I was thinking to myself " How in the world am I suppose to climb up that rope?!"

But thankfully, with the help of the other hikers , I managed to pull myself up and though I found it to be a bit annoying because they were cat-calling but in a way it was encouraging, of course. Vincyuee kept laughing at how they reacted when they were helping me. Nevertheless, I had a great time accepting the Broga challenge. Hopefully, there would be more adventures like these throughout the whole year. Speaking of which, we did decide to join another marathon. Bukit Jugra -14 km in April and Standard Chartered Run Malaysia - 10km in August. Looking forward for these two marathons. Would you be joining too? If you are, do let me know!

Of course, I did take some photographs while I was up there.

 These are some of the trails, unfortunately, I couldn't take the trails of us coming up, since it was still dark. But still, knowing that I climbed up these steep trails. I am very proud of my own achievements.

I had an adventurous start of the year, how about you? What did you do? Do share with me your moments too. Till the next post, have fun! and have a good year!

Absolute Yana


Would like to take a moment to apologize for the long wait for this post, right after the 3rd day, for two weeks my colleagues and I have been clocking out after midnight, non-stop. Hence, why I could not blog during that time. My sincere apologies once again. Please do continue to read my blog. Will do my very best to post up even more interesting life stories.


  1. No need to apologize for being too busy! Great to hear you had a good New Year at Sepang! I need another GP race weekend there!

    1. hehehhe, ok ok, but still keeping this blog in silent mode, isn't a good idea either...there are readers like yourself who waits for me to post things up, no? hheheheh
      Not planning to come here for another round of GP?

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