How to Handle Stress?

Hye there! How are you? Time flies really fast, doesn't it? It's already coming to the end of January. Was it a productive month? Did you manage to start a new routine? Do share with me.

Today, I will be sharing with you on how to handle stress, mainly work related. "Wait up! What does a 25 year old girl be stressing about?", I believe that's what you are probably thinking right now. Oh, trust me, there's a lot to stress about when you are between the age of 21-30 years old. This is probably the peak of your time, where, it's either you make it or break it. The point of where, you might be thinking of  many life questions, " Should I work for a company or start up my own business?", "Are these once I called friends, are really friends?", " Is this really how the working system functions?", " Does these person even have a brain?", "Do I really need to work like this, and be lifeless?", " Why, did I even take up that education loan, in the first place?" or probably something like, " Oh God, how did I get myself stuck in this situation?"

For me, all of these questions has occurred and it isn't pleasant to have all these negative thoughts in me. Reminder, I am literally speaking from what I am experiencing right now. Remember, in my previous post, I said I had a really rough start of the year, right after the 3rd day, and it stayed that way for 2 weeks straight? Well, this post relates to that.

On 17 January 2016, Sunday, I finally took a breather from all that stress from work - the constant rush of piles and piles of sudden job requests, the clocking out past midnight for 12 days straight, the only-was-able-to-eat-one-meal-perday, and the having to deal with mood swings from everyone in the department due to the lack of sleep - after showering, I went to weigh myself, as I felt lighter than usual, and it did turn out that I lost 2 kg over the span of just 2 weeks. Super crazy and unhealthy! I know, you might be thinking, "Omg, you can loose 2 kg in just two weeks just because you ate once a day, I should probably give it a try too" WRONG! PLEASE DO NOT DO THAT TO YOUR BODY! Please love yourself and your health, if you ever want to loose weight, do it the right way, no short cuts!

Alright, so back to the topic, while I was weighing myself my dad just kept looking at me, and when I saw the weight that I lost, I turned back to him, and blankly stared at him. " So, how much do you weigh now?", my dad asked, and I just replied "I lost 2 kg." My dad then continued, " See, that's because of stress! You are this young, and you are experiencing life this way, but it's good this is how you learn, deal with stress now, overcome it and you will be successful!". 

Thus, this is why I thought it would be a good idea to share with you, what my dad has generously shared with me. So don't worry, these advice that are about to flow in, are not merely from a 25 year old, but rather it's from the life experienced by a 61 year old man.

1. Think Of It As A Routine 

Those long working hours that you always complain about but doesn't seem to change, despite talking it over with your boss, then just accept it! Work out a schedule, to fit in your own personal activities. At first, it would probably seem hard, as it may take up extra energy out of you, but once it becomes a routine, then it wouldn't be as hard as it was in the beginning. Give it a try, who knows, if you are better at time management than I am, and you are not the slacking type, you could possibly be one step closer to your goals already.

2. Just Do It! ( Yes, like how Nike encourages it users )

No matter how ridiculous or troublesome your task is, just get it done, if possible with less grumbling. It may be as insane as, requiring you to work off office hours or even during holidays or even dealing with last minute changes or random requests. Get it done, because at the end of the day, your boss is your number one client and if possible, keep your progress, use it as a guideline, as to why your boss requested those ridiculous demands. There's probably something that is in there or isn't suppose to be there, that your boss spotted that you might have missed out or overlooked.

3. Keep A Good Attitude.

When you have/keep a positive mindset, even when you feel you are at your limit, job tasks gets done quickly and precise. Also, when people who are higher up, notice how you deal with tasks that are given to you. they begin to trust you. When they do, that's when you will be climbing up the leader. It just takes, a senior to notice your good work and your awesome attitude to get the word up to the higher level people. Who knows, you might even be recommended for a better job opportunity and a higher pay!

I shall use my dad as an example, my dad has been working in the same company for, probably, almost 40 years now. He started off working in the workshop and slowly he climbed up the leader, as more and more seniors started to take notice of his hard work and can-do attitude, now, he has been upgraded  as a trainer for all branches in Malaysia. He educates and trains the new-comers ( probably covering many aspects of the company ). Though, he himself has admitted, that it will only get more tiring (because of age), but at the end of the day it would be more rewarding. When you are higher up, since you have experienced it the hard way, you know what it is like to be going through the struggles, at this point, is where you should be guiding them, giving them pointers on how to overcome and encounter situations of such. Don't be stingy with your knowledge. Share your knowledge, as you are helping others to feed their family. Do good, and good things you should have, is what my parents has always taught me.

4. Motivate Yourself!

Constantly set a new target. For example, rewarding yourself for a job well done over the weekend. If going to a spa is your thing, sure why not? If you feel like hiking will help to clear off your mind, go ahead! Always wanted that new gadget?, then shop away, but don't end up broke. Spend your time and money wisely with whatever way you choose to keep you motivated. Reward yourself, if no one else would.

5. Calming Therapy.

Find a way to calm yourself. Find what makes you feel good. Find an outlet. Do not, release all your frustration on a friend, just because they said they don't mind being your shoulders' to cry on or ears to listen to your life problems. Once in a while, it's okay to do so. But come on, give that friend a rest, he or she has probably been going through their own piles of problem and you are just adding more negativity to their life. Friends are not dumpsters either, you know. They have their own shit to deal with, you don't have to give them yours too.

If you feel its necessary to get yourself a punching bag, go get one and punch it till your heart is content. If you feel like sweating it all out, go for a jog or to a gym. If you are good at archery, go ahead, imagine that red circle, is the source of your problem and release those arrows. You are the creative type? Go get yourself signed up for some pottery lessons or do some paint splashing art. Calm yourself in a healthy way. Be active and productive at the same time. Don't go finding for alcohol or drugs to keep your mind calm, those are only temporary effects.

6. Overcome It!

Once you have all these pointers in check, everything else just sets in place. Just remember, if you can overcome your stress now, when you are still young and capable, trust me, no matter what else life throws at you, you will be able to handle it! Deal with stress now, don't drag it till when you are older, as your body might not be able to handle it.

This time, I will use my mom as the example, one to many times, she gave in to stress and due to that she ended up falling really sick. Her entire body system had turned upside down. Her immune system started to go haywire, and this didn't only affect her but it also affected our family. Many hospital visits, medication, chemotherapy sessions, household problems occurred, whole family was stressed out (possibly, at that time, on the verge of breaking), but thankfully, with god's grace, we managed to pull through it all. We had a very strong father and a husband for mom to help pull us all together, and also mom's undying will to fight back her decease, made everything work out to be fine.

If there is one thing for me to pin point, on what keeps me motivated to do what I do, it will be my parents. The love that they have for each other and for the family keeps us all grounded. Their experiences becomes my strength, and their love, is my goal for my own search of love.

As an end note,

I would sincerely like to wish you all the best in whatever that you are doing. Set your goals high! Do it right! Keep a positive mindset, and constantly pray ( or meditate ) to keep yourself centered.

I am trying these steps now on my own too, so I really hope this post will help you, as it is helping me to set my ways right.

Till the next post, stay healthy and stress-free!

Absolute Yana


  1. You're always having a positive attitude! Love reading your blogs and how much experience you have! You're wise for your age. Love reading!

    1. Thanks Chris!! You have always been around.. ^^ It's been 4 years already since I last met you. I'm turning 25 soon..I think its only the appropriate amount of experiences that I have gained..hahhhah

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  2. Hope to make this years GP! Maybe I will run into you while I'm there. Always a pleasure talking to you. Continue your great blog!! Chris

    1. If somehow, I have stopped working with this current job..then probably you would be able to see me..hahahhaa

  3. I totally understand the feeling of losing weight not because of healthy lifestyle. I currently having work stress as I'm unemployed at the moment due to last accident story. Really feel thankful that your tips and sharing do help me a lot on how to handle my stress.

    1. Glad that my experiences is helping you in a way dear... shu shu!! stress go away..! hehehhe smile always ya..