New Salon on the Block!

Hye there! Really missed you! Thank you again for coming here - Hope you are doing just fine and staying fabulous! Today, I am going to share with you my experience at Luscious Hair Studio.

But first, let me share with you the reason behind why I even decided to do anything with my hair. Well, it was all thanks to PINTEREST! I noticed, since a month back, it started to become a habit of mine to browse through Pinterest just before I head to dreamland. OK! So let me share a secret with you ( or probably it isn't), I really love looking at asian girls' pictures, may it be fashion, hairstyle, make up or even just because they are just too beautiful. Hence, after all those scrolling, I found these :

Somehow, I find that asian beauty is reflected the most with black or darker base hair colours. Do you think so too? Or what are your preferences in an asian beauty? Do tell, I would love to know.

Basically, I wanted to try being the "asian beauty". Dark hair and fair skin ( I am tan by the way, so it's pretty ridiculous for me to be as fair as most of them in the picture ). Perfect timing as it was - The urge to dye my hair black + A photoshoot + A friend's salon just newly opened - I quickly jumped on the wagon that was moving fast in my head!

Thus, brings me back to the topic, The Luscious Hair Studio that's located in the center of Petaling Jaya, C-2-3A, Pusat Komersial Parklane, SS 7/26 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. It is run by my former secondary school senior, Syakirah! Such an amazing feeling, seeing how much people, whom you used to know since young, have grown and doing their best in their fields of interest. Honestly, that's goals achieved right there! Really proud of her and her team!

You don't have to worry about their services, they are very approachable and they are amazing at what they do. Some of their services include, hair colouring, straightening, perming, cutting, washing and giving your hair a lovely treatment. They serve a wide range of customers, from small kids to the elderly. Don't believe me? You can check out their reviews on their page. ^^ Luscious Hair Studio

This is how the interior looks like:

Oh! Since it is red-themed interior, I am giving this design 10 thumbs up! 

For those who prefer a little more privacy, there's a room especially prepared for you.

If you look up their page, you will see a lot of  this kind of picture, I guess you could say its a trend here at the Luscious Hair Studio!

Oh! If you are wondering why did I give 9/10, it would be because no one is perfect, there is always room for improvement. If you do plan to go and get yourself a freshen up look, do drop me a comment below on your experience at the salon.

That's it for today! Stay fabulous and healthy! Till the next post, see you later!

Absolute Yana


Oh! Before I's some of the pictures from the photoshoot that happened a day after my visit to this salon. For more pictures do visit my Page :Absolute Yana

and a selfie after the shoot!


  1. Looking good as always! Nice to see some blogging again. Been busy out here as well but enjoying the good weather! ✌️

    1. there's a newer style... ^^ hopefully I will get to do some shoots for the upgraded look.. ^^ Awww..lucky is getting hotter by the's literally melting us down...

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