Bye Bye Panda Eyes!

Hye there!! Feeling dull? Looking like a panda? Think that you have lost the sparkle in your eyes? Don't worry! I found a product that works! And you can get it at Watsons, I bought mine at the Sunway Pyramid outlet.

please don't mind my bare face,. >.<

Super adorable packaging right? Well, it was one of the reason why I decided to try this eye mask out.

Inside you will find two bean-shaped sheet. Another reason why I like using this, it's because of its jelly-like texture. It really does feel like you are putting on two thin slices of Jell-O. Since, it is like jelly, do be careful when removing it from the packet as it is slippery.

Don't be fooled by the size of the packaging, it is a large sheet, in fact! It really covers the whole eye area. Oh! Do remember to pin up your hair, or you will have strands of hair getting stuck to the eye masks. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes, and let it's magic do the work. 

Ta-daa!!!!! Bye Bye panda eyes! If you noticed my previous blog post, you can see that despite the make up, my dark circles was pretty obvious. Now, I don't look like a zombie anymore. Yeappy!!

Does my eye sparkle for you?  Do give it a try, if you are having dark circles lingering around your eyes and don't forget to post a comment below with your user-experience. 

Till the next post, see you again! Take care and wink away those dark circles!
Absolute Yana

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  1. Thanks for the info. Need to try these for me and wife.

    1. Most welcome..hope it works well for you too.. ^^

  2. After weeks of not sleeping well these would help improve the tired look for sure!!

  3. totally would recommend it for you too..if they have it there... :P or you could always use organic's really soothing too..

  4. Thanks for the suggestion! Been looking for a good eye mask, and I'll definitely give this a go! =)

    1. Hye there Calista! You are most welcome..I am trying a few others..will be reviewing them soon...Keeping my fingers crossed, hope it works too... ^^