Last Call!! Come and Grab Your Favourite Masks from THE FACESHOP MALAYSIA!!

Hey you over there! You probably don't know this yet, but THE FACESHOP MALAYSIA is having a special promotion store wide! Get 50% off their 2nd item when you make your purchase!

Honestly, I didn't know about this until I walked around Sunway Pyramid last night. Blindly did I walk into the store, and stared at their masks while deciding in my blur mind on which mask to purchase, then their kind sales person notified me about the promotion. God bless her! 

The moment she told me about the promotion, suddenly I become very quick in motion to pick out 6 packets from the same range, Real Nature Mask. Well, I know it would be very adventurous to try out different ranges but, I tend to take the safer route. Then, when I turned around to go to the cashier, I just proved to myself how blur I was at that moment, I saw the Character Masks that I have been looking for, for some time now. Immediately, I placed back the 2 packets from that range and picked out these two character mask! And I did not regret it!

Tadaa!!! My Golden Treasures...

Sorry but I have been lacking of my sleeping time, due to my back injury..hence the puffy eye bags again. T.T

These are the two masks that caught my immediate attention from this series, I only found out about the masks when a friend of mine, Wendy Woo, also a beauty blogger, was using it and posting on her FB. I found it to be really adorable, the panda mask, and since she recommended it as well, so I thought why don't I give it a try too.

And this is the range from Real Nature Mask. Rice, Lemon and Honey are quite the normal types to be found for masks however, the Mung Bean is the first time I'm hearing or even getting to know about this. Really excited to try it, as it is meant for tightening pores. I have really huge pores by the way.

OK, this monkey (apple) mask is just too adorable for me to resist, I felt like it was really calling out to me. So, I decided to use this first for today's post. Oh! Don't worry, I will be doing a compilation of all of these masks and reviewing each and every one of them for you. Will post it up when I am done with all of them.

Thanks to the weather here in Malaysia, my face has been feeling very dehydrated these days. So what better way to replace back the nutrients and moisture that my face needs? Obviously by treating myself with some Mask Time!

Product Revealing Time!

This sheet is quite big actually, so you don't have to worry about it not being able to cover your face.

Here's a short clip of me putting on the mask.

Do you think I make a cute monkey?

Well, I was in a rush earlier this morning, so I didn't manage to take the "After" picture for this. However, what I would prefer sharing with you is how I felt during and after wearing this mask.
So here's my review on this :

Thank you for reading this post! Do go and grab yourself your very own Character Mask! Till the next post, pamper up!

Absolute Yana

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  1. can't wait to get back Malaysia and buy those masks T.T

    1. Where are you now babe? Having fun? hehehhe... Don't worry their masks will be waiting for you.. ^^

    2. I'm in India, studying. I would consider it as having fun too haha! I hope they'll wait !

    3. Probably when you come back here, they will have another round of promotions... ^^ How is there? Never been to India before..

  2. your blog are equally good too babe!!! nice to meet you in the Blog-world! keep in touch!