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Hye there! Have you ever wondered "Isn't there any other way of sharing memories besides framing them up in picture frames?" or your friends telling you, "Oh my god, that's a really good piece of art, you should really find a way to 'frame' that!" or even "I really want to share this with my other half, but how do I do it, picture frames are too boring?" Well, if you did, then I have good news for you. At you can do just that! Sharing memories has never been this easy!

Oh! By the way, they are also currently having the Printcious Art Contest! Do check out this link for more info on the competition:

You have a thing for couple tees? You love a good collection of mugs? or you just love to switch up your phone casings? Then it's about time to make things personal and get your creative juice flowing! Printcious is a company that provides printing services on personalized gift items such as T-shirts, mugs, puzzles, phone cases, cushions, mousepads, ceramic tiles and mini tees. These items are suitable for gift-giving occassions such as birthday, wedding, graduation, anniversary or even for corporate events. Don't stop there just yet, if you are also into customizing items for displaying or selling your artworks then this company would do you justice. 

Super cool and cute stuff they have here right? These are only some of the cool stuff that they have printed.

I have tried to explore this website, and honestly it's pretty simple to maneuver your way around. If you are not into customizing but you have your eyes locked on to a certain item then don't fret, you can always shop for the item of your interest.  There's a "SHOP" button at the top bar, which directly gives you options of the items that you are looking for. Like so...

For the customizing junkies, you are given the honor to create your very own product. Yeappy! This can be easily done by hovering on the "Create" button which then drops down for you a menu of items to choose from. Like this...

For this time, I am going to go with the Colour Mugs. Yes! You read it right, for this time, which means you are probably going to see more personalized items from me with the help from Printcious.

I chose the white mug, as I do love minimal designs though at times I do get a bit wacky. You see that "Customise it" button at the bottom of the page, there is where with one click of the button and the magic begins.

You are given two options either to add text or to add an image. I opt for an image as I used Adobe Illustrator to create my text image. Don't worry, you can still add text and play around with the tools that are provided like shown above. Once you have completed, just click on "Done".

The next page shows you how your idea/image look like and its placement. For me, I only wanted to have the wordings on one side of the mug. Oh, and if you are wondering why this quote, well simply because of a facebook app. I do find this quote to be my motivator. Once, you are happy with the placement, you can click "Add to Cart" which leads you to this...

You can see that your order is in and if you want to continue shopping before proceeding to check out, you are  given the freedom to do so. What comes next, is just the usually shipping information and the methods to pay. Then, you just have to wait, for the handsome guy to deliver your personalized item to your door step. Pretty simple, ain't it?

Why don't you give it a try too? Do send me pictures in the comment box below, of your own customized products and please do share with me on your experience, dealing with Printcious.


Oh! Before I forget..remember I mentioned above that they are having the contest? Well, I will be joining in!
Will keep you updated on my progress with the artwork. Do support me if you think its good! Till the next post, get creative and stay healthy! Bye bye!

Absolute Yana


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