Guess What I Received in the Mail Today??

Hye there! Guess what was delivered to me today? Well, actually what I received on the 12th of May.. Sorry it took some time for me to blog on this, as I was a little tied up with a new blogshop of Michelle's and mine. That you will find out soon! For now, we shall focus on the parcel, OK?

Yes! You guessed it right!! I finally received my Printcious mugs! I would say that I am pretty pleased with the outcome! It looks exactly like how my artwork was.

Nice isn't it? You can compare the artwork and the end result with this link : Printcious
I do wish to make a series of life related quotes as a collection, what do you think? Should I? Imagine a shelf dedicated for motivational quotes just to get a great kick start for the days to come.

It would probably look like this...

except with mugs instead. (Picture taken from Pinterest)

What are your favourite life quotes? Do share with me by leaving them in the comment box below.

Service Testimonial :
I sent the artwork and made the payment to them on the 3rd of May, it took 9 days for it to be delivered to me. Which is pretty normal, I would say for this kind of timeline. Due to the nature of the production and delivery, my advice is to send your artworks earlier if there is like a date you are meant to use the gifts for, probably give it like a two weeks expectation period. So far, two thumbs up for their service!

Till the next post, see you again!

Absolute Yana


  1. Wow... looks like I need to get my job done as I want to have my own Printcious item for so long.. 😉

    1. yes please..quickly get it done..hhehehe ^^ what do you plan to get printed?