Kei's Transformation! Thank you Wraphauz!

Hye there! It's already been a week since I have gotten back my love, Kei! Why? Where did my Kei went to? Well, he went to the 'gym'. Ok, first of all, if you didn't already know this, Kei is my car, a Perodua Axia. What I mean by the gym? Basically, I sent him to Wraphauz to get him looking more of a sexy hunk, I would say.

Haven't heard of Wraphauz before? Let me introduce you to them then! Wraphauz is a vehicle wrap and design company. They were established in 2014, they are a team of good management skills that would easily accommodate and meet your expectations while delivering quality and well timed projects.

These are some of their services :

Don't worry! Vehicles aren't their only specialty...They also have corporate stuffs!

Oh, you aren't the type into cars or corporate stuff? Don't fret either, they also specialize in Premium Gifts and Souvenirs!

To inquire more on the details of their services, you can contact them through here :

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Contact person: James: +6014 336 1354 
                            Andy: +6016 336 6686 

or you can also personally make a visit to their shop located in :

WrapHauz Sdn Bhd (1143790-W)
No 51, Jalan 30A/119, Taman Taynton View, 56000 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-9133 8262 

OK! That's enough for the introduction, so back to my Kei now.

I sent him in on Monday, 16th May 2016, and they immediately started working on him, efficient isn't it? At first, I was a bit worried about Kei. You know, the usual negative thoughts like, "Will they take good care of my car?" or " I hope they don't accidently destroy something". But, you really don't have to, because they will keep you updated as they move from one process to another. So, that's a big plus point from me. It helps to ease my brains from overthinking it.

This was how Kei looked like when I left him there. I was pretty much devastated to leave him there. Because this is the first time I will be carless since I first got him 7 months ago. It's not that I go out a lot, it's just knowing that I will be able to move around at any time without worrying about troubling anyone, bugged me. Oh well, I survived being carless, no biggie!

Because, Kei had some minor dents and scratches, those imperfections were touched up first. You can actually see that they have already started to wrap the front part of the car.

My baby Kei, is in the gym with his trainers! Stripping all of him! Thank you, James and Kuhan for constantly keeping me in the loop and thank you guys at the Wraphauz for turning my car into a sexy piece of work of art for the road.

*Fastforward to the day I had to pick Kei up*

On 19th May 2016, my heart was beating extra fast, I don't know why it felt like I was going to the prom or something. Not knowing how will my Kei end up looking like, as I left it up to their designer, Kuhan, to work on it. However, I did choose the main colour on my own.

Matte lover here!! Are you a matte lover too??

And when I met Kei face to face, I was in fact teary. Yes! I am an emotional person. I have always wanted a red car, but wasn't able to have Kei in red. Finally, Kei now is exactly what I have imagined him to be like. Ever more handsome and sexy! I was even given the opportunity to proudly pose beside him. I swear, it was like a pre-wedding photo session. 

A close up, just to appreciate his sexiness!

You can view more of his sexiness at here : Perodua Axia Fullwrap by Wraphauz

So what do you think of Kei?? I know a lot of my friends are asking me to get him a set of sport rims, bodykit and etc, but hold your horses, alright? One thing at a time, please! 

Oh, my next aim would be getting Kei a pair of new shoes, but since I am under-budget. I got my friend Vava to help me polish up his existing shoes first.

We removed Kei's shoes first and gave it a clean wash. I was advised to wash the rims while sanding the dirt off and then dried it off, luckily on that day, Mr.Sun was being very cooperative. 

Once the surface of the rims are completely dry, we decided to play some cards. This card placements helps prevents us from spraying on the rubber area, and then the spray game begins.

That's Vava by the way! Oh, if you are wondering where did the cards go to, they went back to play with Alice. (I think only some will get this joke). This was taken when he was already finishing up the final layer with lacquer.

Thanks Vava for lending your 'shoes' for awhile, Kei definitely appreciated it! Not bad the contrast, isn't it? Probably if I tried gymkhana, these will be the shoes that I would have Kei to wear. Not happening, though!

This is Kei's complete look! *for now atleast*

Do leave your comments below, would love to know what do you think about Kei's new look. Till the next post. Take care!!

Absolute Yana

Special credits to all of these handsome friends of mine, for making Kei's transformation possible.
James Ong, Kuhan, Vava, and Jun Hayashi!! Love you all to bits and pieces..!!


  1. The color of red really made you look hot when you stand beside of the car. Can be car model already... 😆

  2. When I read wrap, I thought that your car would be full of stickers screaming some advertisement or something but it is just plain colour. I like this shade of red, though. Lovely.

    1. Hahaha, I don't like that kind of wrap. Thanks Emily!

  3. hey spot on this blog while googling for wraphauz, the contact provided was their owner? i wish to talk to the owner on some potential business colab. do u happen to know him personally? cheers. the name is ridhuan by the way.

    1. Hey ridhuan, yes yes that's the owners contact number...hope your collaboration goes well.. ^^ and selamat hari raya!