M10SelfieStarSearch is on!

Hye there! This is going to be a very quick post! So! Just like me, (well probably) you love to take selfies too! What a better way to stand a chance to win a EOS M10 from @canoncameramsia than to just keep on taking selfies? Well, there isn't! This is pretty much the simplest contest that you might ever be joining. 

If you are wondering about "How did she get to know about this contest anyways?" Well, for starters Facebook has been non-stop popping up this Canon ad, which a beautiful blogger was the Face for Canon itself, and so happened that she is my top favourite blogger! She really inspires me a lot! Wondering who she is? Well, its no other than @LoveLumi 

You have got to see her Instagram !

 Oh! Here's the ad that I was talking about earlier, by the way...

and here is the first one!

See why I said she is my inspiration as a blogger ?! Oh, not forgetting I'm in love with her fashion sense! Ok, so probably I need another post just to share with you on how awesome this blogger really is. It would be a good idea to jump into the contest now...*Jump*

OK! So, here I am again, just trying my luck with this contest that Canon Malaysia has come up with!

It's called the " M10SelfieStarSearch "

This is the picture that I have submitted by the way! Don't forget to click like! <3

Here are the simple steps that you need to do to join the contest!

Upload via Instagram your selfie with a creative caption, then hashtag #M10SelfieStarSearch and tag @canoncameramsia @canonmy and you are done!

"Wait! That's it??" YES! That's all you got to do! Oh! You are encouraged to take as many selfies as you want. Also, do make sure that your Instagram account is Public and that you do have a creative caption for the selfies! Selfies without captions will be regarded as invalid.

All the best to you! Oh and don't forget to vote for me too... Thank you!!

Stay pretty and handsome!

Absolute Yana