My First Magical Flying Noodles Experience At Bandar Sunway!!!


I had a magical night with Gwen at the Underground Societe, Bandar Sunway. Why magical? Well, that's because I had a go at the "Flying Noodles"!!!

Honestly, it's my first time trying out cold soba noodles, as I was not a fan of the idea of eating cold food. BUT! It was the most yummy thing that I have eaten, no jokes or lies.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it myself. The balance between the saltiness of the shoyu dip, with the tangy sourness from the pickled vegetables and the cold slippery noodles, made the whole meal enjoyable for me!

Please don't be fooled like me with its portion. I honestly thought that it would be a small portion, but when you keep eating, suddenly it feels like the noodles never finish.

I would definitely recommend you to try this out!

Both Gwen and I also took the time to try out other meals on their menu.

This is the Crispy Chicken with Kimchi Bao. The chicken was really tender! Though small in size its flavours were strong enough to get me interested in this dish. Probably it would make a good starter?

The super saucey dish is the Crispy-Skinned 200G Grilled Salmon with Mashed Potato. The salmon was definitely cooked well for the dish and as you can see it is a big portion. The mashed potato was really smooth, but personally, I felt it was too smooth as I could taste the butter in it.

Someone needs to get me the phone number of the Chef cause all the meats were cooked really well! I didn't had to struggle and slice them to bite size as they were moistly-shredding away. Oh, and this dish's name is Grilled Cajun Chicken Breasts with Mashed Potatoes and Robert Sauce.

I don't know who is Robert, but this sauce tastes nice!

Woops, sorry! With great difficulty, I had to take this picture when the door was wide open since there were many customers that night. They kept coming in.

This would be my second favourite dish just because I love beef more than chicken. This dish is called the 200G Grain Fed Australian Beef Tenderloin with Mashed Potatoes. The beef strips were so succulent! And this place definitely has a thing for mashed potatoes, not that I am complaining though.

These little guys over here, are my favourite snackers! And I think someone knows the secret behind KFC's recipe but added on with its own twist. This dish is called UFC - Underground Fried Chicken.

I washed all these brilliant dishes with a Virgin Mojito (non-alcohol drink).

At the end, we had the Underground Fireball that came with a little flaming performance.

Cool right?! Unfortunately, I didn't get to taste this as they used alcohol to light up the flame, but my friend did say it was yummehh! 

We both had a great time filling up our bellies with good food at Underground Societe. Oh! And if you are wondering why underground? It's feels like entering a different dimension from the entrance to your table.

This is how the entrance looks like.

Then when you walk in...

And when you enter that door at the far left, you will end up here...

See! I told you it would feel like you walked through dimensions. I did not take picture of their toilet, but it would definitely feel like you are in a red light district or something because of its very dark-pinkish ambience.

I guess this concludes my food review for the Underground Societe! I will be going there soon again, most definitely!

Till the next post, see you! 

Absolute Yana


  1. so curious about taste of this flying noodles. guess i need to bring khaleesi to this place

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