My Jonlivia S+ Hotpants Review!


Firstly, I would like to state that I have never owned any hotpants before till I was introduced to Jonlivia S+ Pants! And I must say that I am very pleased with it!

I may not look like it but I have become flabbier than before, don't believe take a look back at my featured post!

For the first time, I wore the hotpants to the office and for my second time, I used it during my 42km Penang Bridge Marathon and of course, the third time was used for this blogpost.

I do plan to use this for another month while I do my exercises and see how much extra fats I can loose. It would be like toning-up challenge for me. Are you up for it with me?

Oh and sadly I could not finish the 42km! T.T I only managed to cover up til 39km, that also which much difficulty as my right knee was hurting and my left foot was swollen. For the last 10km, it felt like hell as the swelling had me limping for 5km and 2km more I had to walk barefoot. 

Though I did end up tearing cause I did not complete the route, I am now even more fired up to join next year's 42km, just to finish it on time.

Anyways, the Jonlivia S+ Hotpants really does make you sweat! You don't feel the sweat till you take it off. And the best part is, it looks totally fashionable to the point where I can just wear my normal tops while wearing the hotpants.

Here's my full review:

And here's a short video of me wearing the pants:

Special thanks to James for filming me and taking the pictures, though boy seriously I think I would need to bring the tripod next time, your hand so shaky! But I guess, it's the aftermath of running the 42km marathon. Thanks boy!

I guess that's it for my Jonlivia S+ Hotpants review. Oh! Wait, I heard they are having a special promotion, and I dare you to not miss out on it! BTW this offer ends on the 10th of Dec 2016, so hurry up!!!

Till the next post, see you! 

Absolute Yana


  1. The hot pants looks good. I think I need one soon too. Am also getting flabby recently :(

  2. I love that we could just wear it like an everyday wear and easily match it with any top. Would love to take advantage of this offer but don't own any hotpants, either.

  3. adik I flabby... HUH... You have been listening to too many negative are slim and gorgeous.. and I am the one in need of these pants COZ I am the flabby one...

  4. I wanna have that hotpants. I wanna shed off my flab.

  5. I love their product!!!! Really can make me sweat a lot..

  6. does this hot pant help to tone the legs. It looks reallt fit and comfortable . esp for yoga! I wanna try it!

  7. what a better way to tone while exercising! A plus to burn all those flabbb~

  8. oh nice review! I will consider buying this because it looks comfortable :)

  9. I wonder if you really feel warm inside it. Did you track how many kg you lost?

    1. for me it really keeps me whenever I go to the toilet, then only can feel the sweat....also there's a fact that I usually wear sweater on top of a sweat t-shirt when I am working because it gets very cold..but so far, whenever I use the pants to work..I dont even bother wearing the sweater coz i am constantly feeling warm..and I even feel the need to drink more water...

  10. OMG. It's super easy to style with the pants! I have one from Panaz too

  11. heard about this brand. wonder how it diff from other brands

  12. Looks like a great one to work out in! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Great and nice hotpants. Still waiting for mine to do review.

  14. Another hotpants to try out =D I love all your photos and video!! Hope to try this Jonlivia S Hotpants one day!

  15. Nowadays got so many hot pants brands around. This is another one I guess.