A Designer's New Beginning - Happy Engagement Kartini and Sooria!!!

Hye there!

OMG, this has been one of the longest pending posts ever. Anyways, are you going to get engaged soon? Or are you getting married in the near (or far) future? Or even planning to throw a baby shower?

Then you might want to do yourself a favour and quickly call up Tini Design House to turn your dream event into a reality!

You might be wondering, why does the name Tini (Kartini) sound so familiar. Well, that's because I have introduced her to you once before, you can check it out at here.

Just recently, she got engaged to her lovely and supportive other half and their ceremony was directed by Kartini herself. When I first saw the pictures of her big day, I was mesmerised. Not only it was very simple, but it was also magical thanks to the see-through canopy idea of hers.

This is partially why you should marry a designer because you can add your personal touch to the whole event like Kartini did for hers. She customised all the boards, invitation cards and had so much influence on the ceremony that she even ordered a garland and saree to suit the whole theme. 

Since the very first time, she had always shown her passion towards the fine details for any event, and clearly, she ain't messing around this time either. Heck, she even got her family and friends to dress up in colour codes. 

Obviously, since it was her big day, she couldn't do it all by herself, so she had lots of help from her friends who were specialising in wood crafting.

Take a look at how did the whole event turned out to be like.

Her ceremony was praised by so many to the point that some even requested for the similar design for their engagement ceremony.

Kudos to you babe for making it this far both in relationship and designing. Hope to see more of your great works!

Till the next post, see you!!!

Absolute Yana


  1. What a beautiful wedding reception this was. Yes, designers are the bomb! They have have an eye for beauty that the rest of us do not have.

  2. I like green & white theme ! it is just very stunning !

  3. love the pics, happy couple.
    The rings I like the designed too.

  4. beautiful wedding reception
    <3 <3 love <3 <3

  5. I love how simple the ceremony is, and of course the fairy-light. So lovely.

  6. oh wow... what a gorgeous simple but gorgeous wedding... that is just the way to do it...

  7. Wow I love the set up!!! So classy and cozy! She is so talented!!

  8. Congrats to the couple...The decor looks awesome.

  9. congratulations. the wedding look nice

  10. I am impressed by her own design! It was really classy and I want to DIY my own wedding hall next time too =D

  11. I guess I should make more friends that expertise in design then hehe!

  12. The wedding decoration is nice and congrats to both new bride and groom.