Happy New Year 2017!!!

Hye there!

I sincerely wish the best for you and hope that all of your dreams, goals and wishes comes true this year!

Let me kick off my 2017 with listing down a few goals and targets that I would love to achieve by end of 2017.

Eating Healthily
I am very well known for my love for meats but I guess it would be appropriate for me to (probably not cut down on the meat but) add more vegetables to my dining plate.

Healthy & Toned Body
After the recent weight gain of 7kg, I feel that my body now is the appropriate size for my height and I plan to maintain this size while exercising to keep the fatty areas toned.

This year I wish to minimalise on many things which also means I will probably be having a "Garage Sale" sometime in January or February as there are many items which are still usable and in good condition. In a way, this will help me keep my room clean and save up more money as I would not be needing many items at home. It would be a crazy achievement if I can even let go half of the things I own. So do keep an eye out for the "Garage Sale".

Technically, I want to save up and earn more money by end of this year so that hopefully by the time I am 27 (2018), I will have enough savings in my account to travel around the world. For this year, I will be keeping it simple and target within the country.

Earn More
Of course, this would mean I will be taking up as many side jobs as I can, which includes starting back my own artworks (and products) to be sold. 

Blog Consistently
This would be a real challenge for me, especially since I am planning to start back my designing. To update posts as frequent and as constant will be one of my main goals for this year as I hope to hit the 500,000 - 1,000,000 pageviews, with more followers by end of 2017.

Makeup Vlog
For this year, I am planning to at least once a month to post up a Horoscope Makeup Tutorial - Abstract & Conceptual vs  Daily Makeup. Hope it will help to boost up my Youtube channel.

As I do plan to explore KL and other parts of the country more (if I can), I want to be more active in photography, so that I will be able to legitly call myself a photographer.

For some reason, this year my goals are quite simple and straightforward but aren't that easy to achieve, but I am pumped to try my best to tick them off my bucket list. 

Have you set your goals yet? Do share them with me.

Let's just make sure that we have an amazing time fulfilling our goals and stay healthy while doing it!

Till the next post, see you!

Absolute Yana


  1. Happy New Year! and I wish to start to do more videos this year. All the best to you.

  2. Happy new year ! Hopefully you will achieve all your goals :D

  3. Happy new year! Hope you will achieve all your resolutions. Love the fresh look of the blog too!

  4. Thanks for sharing your goals. I hope you will achieve them easily. As for me, I won't be doing anything different from what I am already doing for the past couple of years. So, just continue on.

  5. Happy new year! I hope you will have a great year and i hope you achieve all your goals this year.

    - much love, Mariel

  6. happy new year adik... you will and can achieve it all... i am also all geared up to blog more and travel more and concentrate /give priority to my travel/food blog livelifelah.com

  7. A different resolution to be archieve. I also have very long list for 2017.

  8. I want to make my own resolution as well! Need to work harder on my clean food and body as well ;)

  9. Great list of New Year resolutions, gambateh 2017 :)

  10. Happy New Year dear and best of luck to your resolutions. Cheers!

  11. Happy New Year babe! Goodluck with your goals! Chaiyokk :*

  12. Hello Yana!

    Hope you wishes will do come true this 2017! Keep on working and fighting :)

    Happy New Year babe!

  13. Happy New Year babe!! All the best to achieve all the things you want to do in 2017!! Continue to give love and support to you! <3

  14. Happy New Year! May you achieve all the things listed above and more..

  15. Happy new year dear. May the force be with you ;)

  16. Happy new year and hope that all your wish will come true.

  17. Yeah! I also wanna minimalistic in 2017! Let's hav a fabulous 2017 ;) cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing