Why Being A Good Friend Is Hard?

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From now on I will be having a special series of posts regarding my personal thoughts on different matters. To know more of my thoughts and advises, you can hover your mouse over to the "Categories" section on the top right side of the blog and click the "Personal Thoughts" link. I feel like if I were to share my own point of view, then you will be able to connect with me more on an intimate level (well sort of).

So for my first personal opinion on why is it hard to be a good friend relates really closely to me as I have encountered these situations over the years growing up. Hey, what do I know, right? I am only 26...

But over the years, I realised that being a good friend is hard because most of the time your friends are having a hard time swallowing your harsh criticism. Well, if we aren't going to tell you the truth, then who else will?

All those friends, who keep agreeing with you even when you make no sense at all, are the kind of friends who you really need to be worrying about! What kind of friend would I be, if I let you make the wrong decision?

And believe or not, though I find it hard to be a good friend...I am really thankful that I can speak the truth to your face without worrying that it will damage our friendship, you want to know why? It's rather simple actually...

Because if our relationship was genuine in the first place, then no matter how truthfully harsh I can be towards you or you can be towards me, it would not shake our friendship.

In fact, the two best and closest friends of mine, are the two that I have had a big quarrel with before. One even went silent for a couple of years before realising what I said to her was nothing but the truth and eventually, she came back to me and now, even though we don't speak or catch up as often as we would like to, we know we got each other's back.

These are the kinds of friendship bonds that matter to me and these are the kinds of friends that you should surround yourself with.

Not with the ones who claim to be your friend but does not want to face facts, brushes you off with their ego and label you as a bossy or nosy person.

Please don't get me wrong, I have my flaws too...but at least I am brave enough to accept it when someone is saying it to my face.

Do yourself a favour and get around with a positive group of friends.

Please do drop me a message on what other matters would you like to hear from me...Till the next post, see you!

Absolute Yana


  1. OMG!
    We are so in sync about this.

    There are times that I feel like commenting on my BFF's attitude but find it hard to do so as he will get mad about the comment. And there are times when I feel like what he was saying about me was not true, but I have to keep it to myself and lick my own wounds so that I will not hurt his feelings.

    It is really hard.

  2. Ah, I did *indirectly* pointed out an attitude of a friend of mine recently because it was too much already. But ended up getting back stabbed by the friend we were defending from her! We were wrong to talk about her in the first place, but it would not have started if it was not because of the latter friend. Lol. I'd rather be a bad friend if that's the case -.-


  3. I can relate to you Yana.

    Same here, I only have very few friends who truly understand my real nature.And for those who wants to be my new friends, I always disclose to them how harsh I am in words, and its my way of being honest to them. Better accept it or not. But then I can still go on with my life, without much dealing with them.

    So most of my true friends are more older than me, with tons of experiences in life, whom they also doesn't take BS.

  4. agreed with you. but something harsh words are hurtful, for me, i always check the intention. :D

  5. i appreciate friends that can point out what I've done wrong unfortunately a lot doesnt take criticism well

  6. I know this feel very well~ The truth may hurt but who else would tell you that except for the real friends :D

  7. When time passed, everyone has different mindset and thought. Sometime you own best friend also betray you or even left you. You will find you best friends circle become small. I happy with it although small group and I know they are sincere with me.

  8. I would rather be real, and yes i agree with your opinions.

  9. A lot of times I feel really overwhelmed by what my friends do for me and sometimes I feel that I can't reciprocate in the same way. BUT slowly as I get older (and wiser) I've learnt that each one has a way of showing love or caring. Mine might be less intrusive but that doesn't mean I don't care :) Enjoyed reading your thoughts.

  10. What truth you have written. I only have a handful of friends and even fewer good friends, whom I hope I can depend on should I need help one day.

  11. Happened to me! There was a time I didn't like one of my friend was doing to my other friend and so I told it to her upfront, and yes, we didn't talk for years as well. We're good now though and we would joke about it whenever we're all together. :)

  12. I don't have much 'BFF' as many girls out there. I find its really hard to trust them, plus so I wanted to avoid dramas and gossips as much as I can. I only have my husband and my real friend, Prushothini on my side :D

  13. I guess that is the way it is... I am more of an introvert too and prefer my own company most of the times while I do enjoy some company and friends from time to time

  14. You're right. Good friends are hard to find. I been through similar things as well but to me I feel, there is a way of saying something or telling the truth. If a friend knows you well enough, they'd know how to approach you and make you understand.

  15. I think its hard to find a real friends after we grow up. there are so many fake ppl out there

  16. I know right. I faced the same problems as well. Sometimes its hard to say no or tell the truth, hugss.

  17. Really not easy to keep a long friendship, I would rather have honest friend to pinpoint & grow me a better person though :) cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing