You Seriously Need To Try Out Droprint Today

Hye there!

I am back! I recently got 'promoted' at work in terms of work tasks, which got me a little tied up but it's safe to say I am getting a hang of it, hence why I was able to find the somewhat balance that I was looking for to be able to blog yay me!

Anyways, today I will be introducing to you Droprint! If you are looking for a quick way to print pictures with good quality, then look no further...Droprint is what you need.

Droprint is an app that is available for both Android and iOS users so there's nothing to worry about. They have 3 kinds of printing which includes photobook, giftbox and polaroid styles.

While I was sending my pictures for print I was thinking like what kind of situations would be perfect to use this app if you aren't the type to simply print out the pictures you have taken. So this is what I came up with:

1. Photobook / Portfolio
If you have a collection of pictures that you had snapped around or pictures of you modelling and would like to keep them for memories or as a portfolio, this app will be able to help you with that. And it only costs RM48 for a 6x6 inch photobook with 32 pages. It's worth it, isn't it?

2. Birthday Gift or Surprise
You know those birthday surprise plans that usually involves helium balloons and polaroids? Yes, this would be another ideal way of getting random pictures that have a certain connection to the birthday (or even Valentine's day) person printed out fast and hung onto those helium balloons' strings.

And since they do have a giftbox style, this is like a 'cheat way' to get a present for your bestie without burning your wallet too much! :P

Pretty simple, right?

After using their service, I would say that they are quite reliable and quick. They did mention that the prints will be ready and sent to your doorstep within a week and that's exactly what happened.

I ordered my prints on 6th of March and received them in a tightly secured parcel on the 13th of March. So, I would say that they are punctual with their service.

However, do take note that they don't edit the pictures for you or crop them out to fit perfectly in the dimensions that have already been mentioned just before you start selecting your pictures through your mobile. It would be wise, to pre-crop and edit your pictures before uploading them into Droprint.

Also, I have noticed that if you are using pictures of portraits (human faces), then it's best if the person's head are at least this big (refer to picture A) when you crop them out and not this small (refer to picture B) as it does end up looking a little like an oil painting.

Picture A

Picture B

So what are you waiting for? Go get your pictures printed out!

Till the next post, see you!

Absolute Yana


  1. I love it too! So simple and efficient. nice job

  2. All similar services do not provide editing and just print as is. Editing / cropping would be a very valuable add-on service.

  3. Congrats on being promoted babe! I will definitely try out droprint ;)

  4. It looks really nice! The pic A looks like a model portfolio pic! Really love the effects

  5. In spite of all photo apps available, I still love printing my photographs :) It gives that additional smile whenever you look back.

  6. nice prints! I love decorating my wall with printed photos, but too bad I am not staying in my own house and own room now :(

  7. was looking for this kind of printing service! thanks for introducing babe! it looks nice and easy to do =)

  8. Didn't know about this until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

  9. just had an event, and definitely need this service. thanks for introducing!

  10. This look super great and like something I need hahahah

  11. Im using droprint too, really a great and convenience app to print photo.

  12. I take a lot of photos and print too, so far I've been using pixajoy services because it's fast and high quality.

  13. Seems like a neat app to use. I have lots of pictures that I rarely print. This app may be the one to help me do it.

  14. Looks like a great app and seems interesting to try out. Will certainly try this out soon.

  15. Such a great app and I think I need this :D